The list of cards in The League of Explorers' first wing, Temple of Orsis, and how to beat its bosses.

Hearthstone: League of Explorers Guide Week 1

The list of cards in The League of Explorers' first wing, Temple of Orsis, and how to beat its bosses.
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The first wing of Hearthstone’s third adventure expansion has launched. This week’s installment includes three bosses, two class challenges, and nine new cards as reward. Here’s a quick guide on what to expect, and how to quickly get through the League of Explorers: Temple of Orsis.

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The first boss can be beaten with most standard decks, though a mana curve favoring low-cost cards will prove most optimal. Zinaar’s hero power will automatically grant the player “wishes” (in the form of 0-cost spells), which feature the new “Discover” mechanic. This means an increase in card draw, so be sure to empty your hand whenever possible.

Though most low-cost decks can do the job, the Mage’s Flamewaker paired with cheap spells and Zinaar’s barrage of wishes can make easy work of this genie. For defeating Zinaar, the player will receive Djinni of Zephyrs and the Jeweled Scarab.


Sun Raider Phaerix

In this battle, a minion called the Rod of the Sun is placed in front of Sun Raider Phaerix, rendering him impervious to any damage. However, defeat this 0/5 minion, and the rod is yours – that is, until Phaerix destroys it in return. While the rod is out of your hands, you’ll be bombarded with numerous attacks and hero-damaging deathrattles.

I found my Handlock deck to be most effective here, as it embraced these constant attacks, then rebounded with mighty giants once the rod was mine. Once Phaerix is slain, you’ll be rewarded with the Summoning Stone and Anubisath Sentinel

Temple Escape

Instead of fighting a boss, you must ward off increasingly nasty creatures as the temple collapses around you! With each of the ten turns you have to escape, you’ll be given navigational choices; take the longer route, or skip a turn by facing a 7/7 giant? Survive all ten turns, and you’ll walk away with the Shaman’s Rumbling Elemental, and the Paladin secret, Sacred Trial. Also, having escaped the Temple of Orsis, you will be presented with a new legendary card: Reno Jackson.


Class Challenges

In the two class challenges this week, Garrosh faces off with Zinaar with a heavy focus on taunt, while Gul’dan does battle with Sun Raider Phaerix in a more demon-based match. Completing the Warrior challenge will earn you the Obsidian Destroyer, and your Warlock will receive a Dark Peddler.

What do you think of this week’s batch of cards? Will they be enough to get you back in the inn? And which decks did you use to escape the Temple of Orsis? Let us know in the comments below, and for more guides on the League of Explorers, keep an eye on GameSkinny!

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