Grab these three decks to beat the first boss of Hearthstone's second League of Explorers wing.

Hearthstone League of Explorers: How to beat Heroic Chieftain Scarvash

Grab these three decks to beat the first boss of Hearthstone's second League of Explorers wing.
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Heading the Uldaman wing of Hearthstone’s most recent adventure expansion is the tough trogg Chieftain Scarvash. Here, we’ve compiled three of the best decks to use against the Heroic version of this boss.

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Before we dive in to these brews, let’s go over some general tips of how to approach building a deck of your own to face this trollish opponent.

  • Scarvash’s hero power sets all minions in your hand to 11 mana on your first turn, then swaps over to spells on turn 2. To counter this, try to fill your deck with even-numbered minions and odd-numbered spells.
  • At the start of the match, Scarvash will have a Burly Rockjaw Trogg and a Stonesplinter Trog on board, so neutralizing these two takes priority in the early game. Annoy-o-Tron works best when trying to ward off the troggs for turn 2, while dropping Doomsayer instead will eliminate the beasts automatically upon your next turn.
  • Scarvash will do a good job of filling his board throughout the match, so cards like Mind Control Tech and Sylvanas Windrunner are great for taking advantage of these onslaughts. Similarly, Scarvash’s use of the Hunter’s Dart Trap secret makes Kezan Mystic a viable choice as well.


Creator: chumly

On the card draw, you’re looking for Doomsayer or Annoy-o-Tron to ward off the Troggs. Besides that, giants and taunt-casters like Defender of Argus are what you’ll need to survive. Drop the Doomsayer to eliminate Scarvash’s early minions, but be prepared for some Confuse spells; these will swap the health and attack of all minions on board, thus killing your 0/7 Doomsayer. Dropping Annoy-o-Tron or Life-Tapping for giants is the alternative for turn 2. But make sure not to tap when Scarvash has a secret active, as this will cost you another 5 points of health.

After that, it’s all about the draw. Mind Control Tech will help against Scarvash’s constant barrage of minions, Siphon Soul and Shadowflame provide helpful removal, and the giants with Defender of Argus will win you the game. If you’re lucky enough to draw Emperor Thaurissan, this makes for an easy victory, though I personally got through without him.


Creator: neonangel

This brew offers the most freedom in early-game approach of the three decks featured here. With a heavy Mech focus, the goal on the first draw is simply 2-cost minions. With monsters like Mechwarper, Annoy-o-Tron and Totem Golem, along with a Feral Spirit, establishing board control should be fairly simple. The best-case scenario on your first draw would be Mechwarper and Annoy-o-Tron.

Once you’ve gotten some presence on the board, make use of any mid-to-high cost minions with Overload you draw. With every other turn nerfed by Scarvash’s hero power, Overload hardly comes as additionally detrimental here.


Creator: tingozhu

There are plenty of cards in this deck that can effectively counter Scarvash’s obstacles. Weapons are not effected by his hero power, Sludge Belcher can ward off nearly an entire turn of minion attacks on its own, and cards like Sylvanas and Kezan Mystic help balance some of the board control.

Unfortunately, the deck is rendered useless unless you draw Doomsayer by turn 2. The creator of the deck even says that the player should concede if he/she cannot drop the 0/7 minion on turn 2. With no Annoy-o-Tron or other low-cost minions to effectively ward off Scarvish’s auto-summoned troggs, Doomsayer is this deck’s only hope. And as mentioned before, even if you do manage to draw the card in time, Scarvash retaliates with a Confuse spell nine times out of ten. The deck works well under these highly demanding conditions, but is useless otherwise.

What do you think of these decks? Have they helped you get past the hellish Heroic boss? What other decks have you found useful against Chieftain Scarvash? Sound off in the comments below!

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