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Heir of Light: Eclipse — Best Characters Tier List

Choose only the best characters to lead your group of servants in Heir of Light: Eclipse using our tier list guide.

Heir of Light: Eclipse as a idle gacha RPG is a totally different game than the original Heir of Light from a few years ago. But the characters stayed the same, although their abilities have been changed and nerfed in some cases. Our guide will provide you with a tier list of the best characters in Heir of Light: Eclipse, including their best abilities.

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Best Characters Tier List in Heir of Light: Eclipse

Here’s a quick breakdown of our tier list of the best characters in Heir of Light: Eclipse:

  • S-Tier Characters:
    • Celestial Sphinx
    • Skadi
  • A-Tier Characters:
    • Nua
    • Sinistra
  • B-Tier Characters:
    • Christine
    • Blavatsky

S-Tier Characters

Celestial Sphinx

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Sphinx combines both roles of supporter and attacker in perfect synergy. She’s not only able to convert her HP into a powerful shield that protects her allies, but she’s also able to grant them an extra 20% bonus shield capacity. When it comes to offense, her best skill is Aton’s Sword, which switches her main weapon into a powerful sword that charges at enemies, dealing damage with 1.5x multiplier of her basic attack.


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Skadi is the mistress of the Cold status effect, which deals with enemies like nothing else. It not only reduces their speed of movement by 50% but also deals constant damage that equals 40% of her basic attack. Skadi’s best move is Judgement of the Cold. It’s a ranged AoE attack that shoots ice projectiles, dealing 280% basic attack damage and exploding on impact into smaller pieces, each dealing another 37% basic attack damage.

A-Tier Characters


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Nothing can be done in Heir of Light: Eclipse without Energy, which is even more important than HP. That’s why Nua is an essential character, as she’s one of the few who can restore Energy to her allies using the Sanguine Rush ability. Too bad she can’t do much beyond that, so I’ve put her in the A-tier. Otherwise, she’d be go in S easily.


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Sinistra is a very useful healer and supporter who also happens to have a very powerful AoE attack. A skill that you’ll be using the most is Illuminatus, which restores the HP of two of her allies. For her damage, you’ll need to get rid of some enemies and then activate her ultimate ability, which deals 300% damage to all nearby enemies.

B-Tier Characters


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In the original game, Christine was a pure S-tier servant with some excellent passive skills. But in Eclipse, she’s been reduced to a mere assassin, but the developer gave her a unique rifle that deals extra damage against the Undead. If you’re looking for a pure DPS, then Christine should be one of your top choices, but don’t leave her without solid supporter or healer.


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Blavatsky is actually a very strong character, but I’d recommend her only for beginner players. She can be both a DPS and a supporter using the Queen’s Touch skill, and she can get you through the first half of the game pretty easily. But once you reach a certain threshold, you’ll see that her power isn’t sufficient to get you any further. Still, I’d definitely pick her up for the early stages of the game and later switch to Celestial Sphinx or any other character you can roll for.

That’s it for our tier list of the best characters in Heir of Light: Eclipse. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks articles right here.

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