Heroes of the Storm – Tassadar Guide

A basic overview along with a few suggested builds for playing Tassadar in Heroes of the Storm.
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Welcome to the Heroes of the Storm build guide for Tassadar. In this guide, you will find basic information on the game and Tassadar, as well as tips on how to play and build him.

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This guide will break down into six categories:

  • Introduction – A breakdown of the kind of character you’re playing
  • Starter Abilities – The abilities your character starts with at the beginning of the match.
  • Heroic Abilities – Pick from one of these two ultimate-like abilities at team level 10
  • Talents – The character improvements you can choose from to custom build your hero
  • Talent Builds – Recommended builds that I have personally found success with
  • Playstyle Tips – Extra information about the character to help you play your best


In Heroes of the Storm, Tassadar is a ranged support with a kit that’s great for protecting allies from incoming damage and manipulating the outcome of team fights.

Tassadar can be built as pure support or as a hybrid support and damage dealer. Even though he can do a bit of damage, it is not wise to have Tassadar as a solo laner due to his squishy nature.

He’s is one of those characters that, when played well, can help turn a team fight around. His shielding abilities and walls will keep you alive while isolating specific targets to pick off. Conversely, his slow zone can be crucial in determining the outcome of chases.

 Starter Abilities

  • Oracle (D)
  • Cooldown: 30 seconds
  • Activate to greatly increase vision radius and detect enemy Heroes.

  • Protective Shield (Q)
  • Cooldown: 6 seconds
  • Shield an ally or self temporarily.

  • Time Warp (W)
  • Cooldown: 12 seconds
  • Damage enemies in an area, slowing attack and movement speed.

  • Void Shift (E)
  • Cooldown: 20 seconds
  • Become temporarily invulnerable and invisible.

Heroic Abilities (Choose One)


  • Twilight Messiah (R)
  • Cooldown: 120 seconds
  • Duration: 15 seconds
  • Gain increased damage and a large shield.


  • Force Wall (R)
  • Cooldown: 12 seconds
  • Duration: 3 seconds
  • Creates a force field wall that blocks pathing.

Talents (Choose One from Each)

  • Regeneration Master: Gather 3 Regeneration Globes to permanently grant you +3 health per second. Stacks.
  • Path of the Wizard: Your Hero gains an extra 5 mana and 0.2 Mana Regen for every level gained.
  • Time Rift (W): Increases the damage by 25%.
  • Healing Ward: Place on the ground to heal allies in an area for 1.95% of their max Health every second for 10 seconds.

  • Focused Attack: Every 5 seconds, your next Basic Attack deals 50% additional damage.
  • Space Jump (W): Allies that enter your Time Warp gain 20% Move Speed for 2 seconds.
  • Reinforce Structure (Q): Protective Shield is 100% stronger and lasts 100% longer when cast on structures.
  • Promote: Give target allied lane minion +200% permanent health and +100% permanent damage.

  • Battle Momentum: Basic Attacks reduce your Ability cooldowns by 0.5 seconds.
  • Khala’s Embrace (Q): If Protective Shield expires, 50% of the shield remains indefinitely.
  • Searing Attacks: Activate to increase Basic Attack damage by 50% for 5 seconds. Attacks cost 20 Mana per hit.
  • Calldown: MULE (Thumbnail Missing): Repairs the target structure, granting it health and ammo over 30 seconds.

  • Twilight Messiah (R): Tassadar gains a 210 point Shield, his Basic Attacks deal 94 damage, and his Basic Attacks splash for 47 additional damage. Lasts for 15 seconds.
  • Force Wall (R): Creates a force wall that blocks pathing.

  • Spell Shield: Periodically reduces the damage received from Hero Abilities by 50%. Stores up to 2 charges.
  • Distortion Beam: Basic Attacks slow enemies by 25% for 1.5 seconds.
  • Scryer (Trait): Oracle lasts 2.97 seconds longer and grants 15% increased movement speed.
  • Shrink Ray: Activate to reduce an enemy Hero’s damage by 50% and Movement Speed by 50% for 4 seconds.

  • Prescience (E): Void Shift will automatically activate after Tassadar falls below 15% life. This effect has a 60 second cooldown.
  • Dimensional Shift (E): Move 50% faster and heal for 40 while Void Shifted.
  • Rewind: Activate to reduce the cooldown of your Basic Abilities by 10 seconds.
  • Berserk: Activate to increase your Attack Speed by 50% and your Movement Speed by 10% for 4 seconds.

  • Fury of the Storm: Basic Attacks bounce twice to nearby enemies for 50% damage.
  • Resurgence of the Storm: Upon dying, revive back at your Altar after 5 seconds. This can occur once every 120 seconds.
  • Shadow Messiah (R): Increases the damage in Twilight Messiah form by 25% and increases the attack range by 3.
  • Force Gate (R): Force Wall no longer blocks allied pathing and has 25% increased range.

Talent Builds

Pure Support
  • Path of the Wizard or Healing Ward: PotW will keep your mana up nicely so you can cast your spells more but Healing Ward is useful for lanes where the enemy will be harassing you a lot.
  • Space Jump (W): This is useful for letting your enemies escape a losing fight in lane. You can also choose Reinforce Structure or Promote, but those are more situational.
  • Khala’s Embrace (Q): You never know when that leftover shield will be the difference between a kill and a death. Calldown: MULE might be good if you took considerable damage on your structures, but on Blackheart’s map, it’ll be useless if the enemy team is consistently getting coins.
  • Force Wall (R): Much more useful for the team. This is the kind of ability that can really change team fights.
  • Any: Any of these abilities are useful depending on the match. Distortion Beam is a great option if the enemy keeps getting away with barely anything and Shrink Ray is great if there’s one enemy that keeps tearing you up.
  • Dimensional Shift: I take this as it’s useful for getting to where you need to be and the heal is nice. Any of the other skills besides Berserk would be just as useful for this build.
  • Force Gate (R): This allows you to get a bit more reckless with your walls since your teammates can now pass through them.

This build is designed to help you help out your team. You sacrifice damage for utility. This is great if you are the only support on your team or if you want to help out your laning partners in a 3-person lane.

A Little Damage on the Side
  • Path of the Wizard or Time Rift (W): You can choose between using your abilities less often with one doing more damage or being able to spam your abilities more often.
  • Focused Attack or Space Jump (W): I go for Space Jump because I like being able to boost myself if I need to escape or chase, but Focused Attack does give you more overall damage.
  • Battle Momentum: This allows you to lower the cooldown on your Basic Abilities and, more importantly, on your Heroic.
  • Twilight Messiah: This beefs you up, increases your damage, and gives you splash.
  • Shrink Ray: This can help you gain advantage in a 1-on-1 against an enemy with a heavier damage focused kit than yours.
  • Berserk: Increases your Attack Speed which works well in tandem with Battle Momentum.
  • Shadow Messiah: Makes your Heroic Ability better.

Tassadar is a support and not an assassin. This build will not make you as good as Illidan or Nova, but it will allow you to contribute some DPS to team fights. This build is good if you have two supports or are in a 2-person lane.

Tassadar Playstyle Tips

Timing is Everything
  • Only use Protective Shield if you have a reason to. You do not want it to be on cooldown when it could have been used to save a teammate’s life.
  • Use Protective Shield a little more if you have Khala’s Embrace, but don’t waste it.
  • Oracle is your friend and you should use it before face checking a bush.
  • Void Shift a little early; it’s better to be safe than dead.
Team Fight Messiah
  • Only use this in team fights or if it’s a matter of life or death otherwise. You do not want to have it on a 2-minute cooldown when your team is forced into a fight.
  • Try to do as much damage as possible while this is up, but do not neglect your support duties.
When You’re Up Against the Force Wall
  • This is the most dangerous ability in your arsenal. Use it responsibly.
  • Wall off assassins and supports. Do not wall off a tank unless you have a specific reason to.
  • Coordinate with your team to focus down the walled off target before the wall goes down.
  • Get the Force Gate talent. Seriously.

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