Everything a new explorer needs to know about utilizing Pikmin for collecting heaps and heaps of Sparklium.

Hey! Pikmin Beginner’s Guide — Tips for Amassing Sparklium

Everything a new explorer needs to know about utilizing Pikmin for collecting heaps and heaps of Sparklium.
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When you crash land in Hey! Pikmin, you’re spaceship tells you that you’ll need to collect Sparklium as fuel in order to return home to Hocotate. Over the course of your adventure, you’ll encounter different colored Pikmin with unique abilities that can help you collect far more Sparklium than you would be able to on your own. With their help, you’ll have no problem collecting the 30,000 Sparklium you need to fly back home.

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Following these simple tips, you’ll hit your Sparklium threshold well before you ever come face-to-face with the game’s final boss.

Don’t Rush Hey! Pikmin — Take Time to Explore

Every level hides treasures in various nooks and crannies. Take the time to hunt down these special treasures, as they’ll be your main source of Sparklium throughout your journey.

While you’re exploring, keep in mind that you may not be able to backtrack if you progress too far in the level, so think carefully about which paths you’ll take. Afterall, you don’t want to find yourself trapped at the exit to a level on a near-perfect run with only one treasure left to find.

Unlock and Complete Bonus Levels

Every Sector has a Bonus Level that you can unlock and complete for the chance at some extra treasure. (Check out our guide on How to Unlock Bonus Levels here.) It’ll be a challenge to collect all of the treasure in each Bonus Level, but the extra Sparklium these treasures provide is well worth it.

Visit the Sparklium Springs Every Day

Each Sector has a Sparklium Spring that unlocks by completing certain levels. Visiting the Sparklium Springs prompts you to play a mini-game where you collect balls of Sparklium to see how much you can amass before time runs out. The Sparklium Springs in every Sector reset daily, so be sure to return to them each day for a large boost in your Sparklium reserves.

Hey! Pikmin Beginner's Guide Tips and Tricks for Amassing Sparklium Manage Pikmin Park

Manage Pikmin Park

Make sure that the Pikmin in Pikmin Park are always working if you can help it. Clearing out the park is an excellent way to find spare Sparklium and, eventually, treasure. Just set them up and head out on your next Expedition since they’re not going to make any progress with you watching. When the left and right sides of the map are clear, you’ll unlock the southern-most areas for the chance at even more treasure.

Scan Hey! Pikmin Compatible amiibo

Finally, you may use amiibo to top off your Sparklium reserves, though don’t expect them to be a massive help. Compatible MarioAnimal Crossing, and Splatoon amiibo can be scanned straight into the game as treasure, while non-compatible amiibo will just give you straight Sparklium once per day. Note, however, that scanning the Pikmin and Olimar amiibo will just give you more Pikmin, not Sparklium.

Keep these tips in mind and you’re bound to blast past the Sparklium threshold before you can say “Take me back to Hocotate!” Be sure to check out some more of our Hey! Pikmin guides while you’re hanging about.

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