Follow our tips if you want to know how to beat Nipulon in High on Life.

High on Life: How to Beat Nipulon

Follow our tips if you want to know how to beat Nipulon in High on Life.

The battle with Nipulon boss takes place right before you take on the final boss of the game in High on Life. This fight is tricky, as it consists of several phases that take place both inside and outside of his office.

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Our guide will provide you with tips on how to beat Nipulon in High on Life, including tips on how to find him.

Where to Find Nipulon

Nipulon is not an ordinary villian, but a top level criminal overlord of the illegal drug orginization G3 Cartel at Port Terrene, which is the location where you can find and fight him.

The mission that grants access to this battle is Bounty: Port, which unlocks right after players complete Bounty: Dr. Giblets and Bounty: Skrendel Bros. After that players need to enter the Nipulon’s Office by following these steps:

  1. Escape G3 Cartel invasion at Blim City.
  2. Accept the Nipulon contract from Gene.
  3. Cure the Goop Monster to acquire a disguise for entering Nipulon’s Office.
  4. Defeat all the guards in Nipulon’s office and get to the very top.
  5. Wait for Nipulon to receive you in his office.

How to Beat Nipulon

Note that this fight has four phases interrupted by three story-related cutscenes. Here are Nipulon’s main attacks that he will use throughout an entire battle:

  • Burst Fire: Nipulon uses his weapon to shoot bursts of fire.
  • Hallucination Gas: A gas that fills an entire office, knocking you out.
  • Clone Illusions: Nipulon will clone himself in different colors.
  • Rotating Clones: Nipulon will create even more rotating clones.
  • Corridor: Nipulon will block the corridor with shooting clones of himself.

Phase 1 Strategy

Start the fight immediately as soon as you enter the office by shooting at Nipulon.

He will use Burst Fire and Hallucination Gas against you, so try to take cover behind furniture and shoot whenever there is pause in Nipulon’s own attacks.

This is a very straightforward part of the battle, and you shouldn’t have trouble dealing with it.

Phase 2 Strategy

You’ll know that the second phase started when Nipulon starts cloning himself with different colors at the bottom of the pit outside the office.

Fortunately all the clones will have only 1 HP, and the one you need to shoot is always orange.

Use weapons with high firerate, such as Sweezy, to quickly get rid of all orange clones. You can ignore the others!

Phase 3 Strategy

This phase is a little bit more complicated, as the clones will start moving from left to right and from bottom to the top.

Watch out for those clones that shoot at you, and shoot them first using the same weapon as before.

If you see one half of clones moving in an opposite direction, look to the other half to shoot.

Phase 4 Strategy

The final phase begins when all the clones appear inside the corridor, preventing you from entering the Nipulon’s office once again.

The easiest way to do this is to start shooting uninterruptedly in the middle and run through the clear area in the corridor.

Once you’re inside the office, shoot at Nipulon covered in purple energy shield a few times, and the battle should be over.

You can finally pick up Nipulon’s DNA sample and receive your bounty reward of 5,000 Pesos.

That’s everything you need to know on how to beat Nipulon in High on Life, and be sure to stay tuned for more High on Life tips.

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