Jeeps aren't the only vehicles available in Hill Climb Racing 2. Here's how to get the best ones and get you in the winner's circle faster!

Hill Climb Racing 2: Unlockable Vehicles Guide

Jeeps aren't the only vehicles available in Hill Climb Racing 2. Here's how to get the best ones and get you in the winner's circle faster!
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Hill Climb Racing 2 is the most addicting thing I’ve experienced since…well, probably the original Hill Climb Racing. As I continue to dominate this game with the tips I suggested earlier this month, I find myself having more and more fun as it has yet to get stale.

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With that said, part of what adds so much excitement to Hill Climb Racing 2 is the various vehicles you have at your disposal as you progress through Cup mode. From a sports car to a ‘Super Jeep,’ we’re here to walk you through some of the best vehicles you can unlock throughout your play time — as well as some assorted thoughts on each. 

Scooter – Bronze III

I’m still a bit torn on the scooter, though I can understand why people like it; you get some speed from it and, let’s face it, scooters are awesome. Down in the south, old people love scooters because when it’s hot as all hell and your legs aren’t what they once were, the scooter picks up the slack for you. Pretty much, that’s what you’ll get from it here. 

The best thing? The scooter is surprisingly usable in this game. I was impressed with both its speed and the fact it wasn’t as much of a glass cannon as others on this list. Give the scooter a try!

Super Jeep – Silver I

The Super Jeep is exactly what it says on the tin: it’s a super version of the normal Jeep that you drive in the game. The experience is pretty much the same, but there’s a bit more strength to this one, so you have to really play to experience.

The best way to describe the Super Jeep, though, is just to think back when you were younger and you heard – not saw, but heard – this giant, badass looking truck drive by. It wasn’t flashy and if you wanted to race with it, there was no guarantee you’d win. 

But, the car definitely had some spunk to it and maybe, just maybe, it was the type of car you wouldn’t rule out driving one day. Really, the Super Jeep is just a jack-of-all-trades car, as is the normal Jeep. The difference? This one is Super, of course!

Motocross – Silver II

Basically, the Motocross is a dirt bike and like the Sanchez from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, it gets the job done offroad. With some awesome speed and a tendency to get you some bonus air-points thanks to its size and weight (thanks, Issac Newton!), the motocross is just so cool and fun to use. 

The only problem here is that due to its tendency to hang in the air, you may end up losing your heavy lead as the bigger trucks will fall faster. It’s a high risk, high reward vehicle, but is it worth it? Sure.

But, if you are going to use the San Andreas-esque bike in your race, make sure to keep Catalina around. We have some unfinished business after our last liquor store heist…

Sports Car – Gold I

Speaking of San Andreas, I was half expecting the Sports Car to be something like the Infernus or the Schafter, that game’s version’s of the Lamborghini Diablo and Mercedes-Benz 380SL. Instead, the sports car is just your prototypical sports car: it goes fast and will attract the ladies, but that’s about it.

Really, cars made for off-roading like the Jeep and Motocross just work so much better here. You know what to expect from those cars and they’re made for this environment, but a sports car? Eh…

Plenty of racing games will put an emphasis on sports cars being the ideal ‘weapon’ and Hill Climb Racing 2 may try to trick you because you need to be a gold level to unlock it, but there are better options to use here. 

Monster Truck – Gold II

In the same way that the sports car is probably not the best option to use on the offroad tracks, the monster truck is exactly what you want. As the video states, it’s just f*cking unbeatable! It has the strength, the durability and the acceleration one really needs from a vehicle in a game devoted to climbing hills!

There’s a reason why the monster truck is reserved for Gold II players, alright? With what it brings to the table, the monster truck is that disc one nuke; the gun that will make mince meat of zombies on your second or third playthrough. 

When you unlock this truck, there’s just no looking back. If you decide to use another car after this, shame on you…

In short, the basic way to look at each car is like this:

  • Fast: Sports Car, Scooter, Motocross
  • Durable: Monster Truck
  • Jack-of-all-trades: Super Jeep

Good luck out there on the race track! I look forward to meeting you in the winner’s circle! 

Which unlockable vehicle from Hill Climb Racing 2 is your favorite? Make sure to let us know in the comment section below!

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