We show you how to grab all the assassination and exploration challenges in The Final Test mission of Hitman Episode 1!

Hitman episode 1 final test challenge guide

We show you how to grab all the assassination and exploration challenges in The Final Test mission of Hitman Episode 1!

With only three missions, the first episode of the new self-titled Hitman still offers a truly stunning number of ways to kill your targets, and quite a few of them are pretty genius.

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If you missed it, we already covered how to unlock all the 13 assassination challenges in the beginning yacht freeform mission, and now its time to head into the the Final Test mission of the ICA training facility.

There are a whole lot of assassination and exploration challenges to unlock here, but keep in mind you can’t get them all in a single playthrough, as many of them require killing the target scientist Knight in different ways.

Don’t immediately reload the mission after unlocking a challenge either – they only save if you fully complete the mission and escape the area, so you’ll have to play the Final Test level several times to snag all the challenges.

Security Breach / Indiscriminate Security

This duo of challenges is quite simple. Throw a coin near the cars where the level starts to lure out the front guard. While he investigates and his back is turned, knock him out and steal his uniform to unlock Security Breach. Pick up his pistol and head inside the base.

Taking down the first guard

As a guard you won’t be allowed on the upper level where the target normally spends his time, but that’s not a problem. You can either shimmy up the pipe on the side of the hangar to break into his office, or hang out near the top of the stairs, as Knight will eventually walk by there. Kill Knight with the pistol while dressed as the guard to unlock Indiscriminate Security.

Armed Insurrection / Sweeping Snow In Siberia

To get these challenges, first sneak into the base dressed as a guard, then take out any of the soldiers wearing military uniforms and holding assault rifles. Armed Insurrection unlocks when you steal the soldier outfit. Don’t forget to pick up the rifle though, as you’ll need it for the next challenge.

Head upstairs into the office, as Knight will eventually be here with only one guard. Throw a wrench or crowbar to knock out the guard, then switch to your rifle and gun down Knight to unlock Sweeping Snow In Sibera.

Dressing as a soldier

Fast And Low / Grease Monkey / Safety First / Flying Colors / Mechanical Solutions

Yep, that’s a lot of challenge names, and we’re about to get a ton of them all in a row. At the start of the mission, immediately head over to the left side of the fence (before bypassing the guard station) and listen to the conversation about safety testing the jet’s ejector seat. Steal a guard uniform and head into the hangar. Read the safety protocols sitting next to the plane to unlock Fast And Low.

Jet safety first!

After reading the protocols, follow the nearby mechanic into the alcove and knock him out. No One Notices A Grease Monkey unlocks when you put on his uniform. Grab the wrench sitting nearby and then go sabotage the ejector seat mechanism on the left side of the plane to get Safety First.

Now, dressed as the mechanic, go talk to Knight and get him to follow you down to the jet in the hangar. Interact with the clipboard to start the safety test. When you order him to test the ejection mechanism, he’ll be launched into the air, netting you both the Flying Colors challenge for killing with the ejector seat and the Mechanical Solutions challenges for killing the target dressed as a mechanic.

A Slide Show / Safe Conduct / A Slide Mistake / Death By Proxy

Yep, lots more challenges to get again in this playthrough, where you bizarrely kill a man with a slide projector. Head inside the base and go to the very front room (the easiest way to do this is to be dressed in a soldier uniform) and listen to the conversation about the slides. Pick up the projector slides on the desk next to the two guards to unlock A Slide Show.

Picking up the slides

Go back upstairs by the hangar and go into the projector room on the side. Place the slides on the projector and wait for the colonel to enter the room to unlock Safe Conduct. Walk through the door on the side to find the power box, which you’ll need to use momentarily.

The power box

Wait for Knight to enter the room and start watching the slideshow with the colonel. While the slideshow is ongoing, turn off the power using the wall box just outside the window.

If you turn the power back on while Knight tries to fix the projector, you will unlock the A Slide Mistake challenge. If you instead do nothing and wait nearby, the colonel will walk outside and fidget with the power box, killing Knight for you! This route unlocks the Death By Proxy challenge.

A Light Headache

This environmental kill is easy to miss but isn’t hard to get if you know where to look. Take a military uniform so you can move around freely and then grab any of the crowbars lying around. Go through the door on the side of the projector room to access the outer area covered in wood boards and scaffolding.

Climb up the scaffolding platform on the front side to get to a secret area with access to the floodlights. Stand by either spotlight fixture and wait until Knight passes underneath, then use the crowbar to drop the spotlight and unlock A Light Headache.

Dropping the spotlight

Nash Z’darove! / Fallen Comrades / Sick To His Stomach / Drowning His Sorrows

Death by vodka! For this one you’ll need to grab any of the poison found in the area (the first one is towards the front of the base on a stack of wood sheets).

Finding The Poison

Next go to the locker room near the hangar and listen to the conversation to get a kill opportunity involving a bottle of vodka. Go grab the bottle off the table in the room near the front of the base. This part’s important: for the Nash Z’darove! challenge to pop, you can’t ever be noticed while you are carrying the vodka.

Go upstairs into the office and set the bottle on the desk, then poison the glass on the left (or if you grab two doses of poison, you can poison both glasses just in case).

Placing the vodka

Before Knight enters the room, interact with the chess board and select the “move queen to G3” option to unlock the Fallen Comrades challenge.

Knight will come in and comment on your chess move, then he’ll move to the desk and drink the poison, unlocking the Sick To His Stomach challenge. After he takes the poison, follow Knight into the bathroom and drown him in the toilet for Drowning His Sorrows.

The chessboard

You Are The Colonel Now / Final Terms / Moscow Calling

Head inside the base dressed in a soldier uniform and read the KGB note on the large desk inside the projector room, which will start tracking a new kill opportunity.

Go inside the radio room (the room guarded by two soldiers near the projector room). Wait for the colonel to enter alone, knock him out, and steal his outfit to unlock You Are The Colonel Now.

The KGB Note

While dressed as the colonel, talk to Knight and have him follow you back to the radio room to unlock Final Terms. Kill Knight with the wire while dressed as the colonel and stash his body in the locker to get Moscow Calling.

Silent Assassin / Suit Only / Silent Assassin, Suit Only

These ones don’t really require you to do anything special or interact with the environment in a particular way, but instead just force you to be extra stealthy. For Silent Assassin, only kill your target, hide his body in a locker, and don’t ever be spotted while inside the base. If you dress as a soldier and stay patient, this one isn’t hard at all.

Suit Only, on the other hand, requires you don’t change your outfit. Yep, just stroll in, do some killing, and get out however you can (probably guns blazing style). The final challenge is Silent Assassin, Suit Only. To get this one, only kill Knight, hide his body, don’t get spotted at all, and critically – never change your outfit.

Honestly, I still haven’t figured out how to make this one work, as you pretty much have to change outfits at some point to get anywhere near Knight without being spotted – if you’ve managed to unlock it, let us know how you did it!

Challenges galore in The Final Test!

That’s it for the Final Test mission – stay tuned as we cover the Paris fashion show assassination mission next!

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