Hitman episode 1 Paris Showstopper assassination guide

Dress as a famous model, tamper with the runway lighting, or go full-on silent ninja assassin: the choice is yours!

Dress as a famous model, tamper with the runway lighting, or go full-on silent ninja assassin: the choice is yours!

The first segment in this new episodic rendition of Hitman offers up a ludicrous number of ways to kill targets (with quite a few involving Agent 47 impersonating people who just happen to have a shaved head and his exact body type).

Although the game is being released in pieces with only a handful of levels each, there’s still plenty to do in the Paris Showstopper episode. Every challenge you complete also unlocks new starting areas and costumes, opening up even more silent assassination opportunities on future playthroughs.

The Paris level actually has two different targets: Dalia and Viktor Margolis. Here we’ll show you one interesting way to take out each of them, as well as how to complete the fiendishly difficult challenge of killing both targets without being seen or using a disguise. If you haven’t fully completed the two preceding training missions yet, be sure to also check out:

Many, many assassination opportunities await!

15 Seconds Of Fame

How often does Agent 47 walk down a fashion show runway before killing his target? With this method you’ll get to do just that. To get started, don’t go through the front door, and instead head towards the left until you see a waiter talking to two guards.

Hide over in the nearby cars until the waiter goes over to his van. Knock him out and steal his outfit, then hide his body in the trash can.

Stealing a waiter disguise

Dressed as the waiter you will have free reign to wander around the off-limits area on the main floor. Head through the makeup area and listen to two people talking about the goth icon Helmut Kruger near a giant poster of Kruger’s face.

Go through the doors to the back courtyard area with the helicopter where Kruger is getting his photo taken. Wait for Kruger to wander off alone into the hedge maze area on the right side.

Finding the goth fashion icon Helmut Kruger

While Kruger is on his phone, you can knock him out during a gap in the guards and steal his outfit (if necessary, you may need to throw a wrench or crowbar and knock out a guard from behind). Make sure to hide his body in the dumpster near the wall, as he will be found quickly.

Pick up Kruger’s phone and call Dalia Morgolis to setup a meeting, then go back into the makeup room and get yourself all gothed up. From here you get to have some fun: walk into the main exhibit room and strike a pose on the runway! 

Getting your makeup done

With all the modeling out of the way, you now have complete access to the entire estate as Kruger, so go meet Dalia in her room and employ whatever assassination method you want. Using the wire while she’s on her laptop unlocks a challenge, so its a good idea to start with that.

Next we’ll kill from above the walkway instead!

The Showstopper

Don’t bother with a disguise just yet for this assassination method. Go up the red carpet at the front of the building and head inside, then hang a left and go through the doors to the hallway with the marble flooring.

Enter the first door on the left (near where people are talking about Helmut Kruger) and turn on the vacuum cleaner. Hide to the side of the door and wait for the security guard to come in. Take him out and steal his outfit.

Using the vaccuum

Go through the makeup / costume area and head backstage where you can see the fog from the runway. Pick up the stage schedule sitting on the large block crate at the end.

The stage schedule

Go back into the makeup room and wait near the diorama until Sato (the makeup artist in the purple shirt) comes in and starts talking about what to wear. While he’s talking, insert a coin into the diorama to get his attention.

After the diorama goes haywire, Sato will decide to walk away. Follow him over to the dark area with the crates and take him out silently, then stash his body in the crate.

The diorama distraction

Go out through the door by the diorama and run up the stairs. Go through the dining room, take out one of the waiters, and steal his outfit. While dressed as a waiter, head up the nearby stairs where the guards frisk you first (so make sure you don’t have a gun equipped!).

Go through the door to the right at the top of the stairs and enter the room filled with black crates. Crouch down and sneak by the guards, then grab a crowbar sitting near one of the windows where the guards talk about the flimsy light setup.

The crowbar and ledge access

Vault over the window and shimmy left to the metal catwalk (pay attention to the guards looking out through the windows though, and wait for their backs to be turned).

Jump up onto the catwalk and approach the winch sitting in the middle. Now you play the waiting game. Hang out there until Viktor comes onto the cat walk, but don’t mess with the winch just yet.

Using the winch

You have to wait until he walks across and starts talking to the crowd about Sato. During this part of the show, when you can see his red outline just underneath the winch, use the crowbar to send the lights falling down. One has to assume there will be a horrible amount of collateral damage with this method…

Woops, sorry about that.

Silent Assassin, Suit Only

Each level features this infuriating challenge where you have to kill your target with no one noticing you and without changing your disguise at all, which is a lot harder than it sounds.

Head straight inside and go through the door on the right inside the runway room and then take an immediate right again to enter the bathroom on the left. Grab the IAGO invitation sitting on the bathroom counter.

The IAGO invitation

Go back out the way you came, but head into the party in the back with the blue Sanguine Ice banners. Going this way will avoid anyone who will notice you for being out of place.

Walk around the hedgemaze to the large open doors on the side with two guards blocking the way. Talk to the guards and show your IAGO invite to be let inside.

Inquisitive guards

Once back in the building, go forward to the blockade and turn right, then go up the stairs with the guards (who will again have to check your invitation). Up the stairs, take the door on the right and then go through the glass doors to the balcony with the telescope.

Climb over the ledge and shimmy to the right and then climb up the first pipe you come across. Shimmy to the left from the top of the pipe and jump up onto the next balcony.

The first of many shimmys 

Go inside the glass doors and walk through the room with the people sitting in a circle over to the hallway. Enter the door at the end with the red sign letting you know access is restricted and jump over the ledge to again shimmy to the left. Jump again immediately at that first door to enter Dalia Margolis’ bathroom.

Entering the bathroom

Turn on the radio on the counter and the hide behind the white locker until the guard comes in. Take him out and stash his body in the locker, then turn off the radio.

Hide behind the locker again and wait until you hear Margolis come in the next room and talk about how one of the guards is missing. Distract Margolis by throwing a coin across the room and then quickly run up and take down her body guard from behind.

Taking out the guard first

You can now take out Margolis either by shooting with a silenced weapon or by using your fists. Quickly stash both the bodies in the nearby locker.

Go back out the way you came in through the ledge outside the bathroom. Run all the way down both flights of the stairs to the main floor and take a left to head back outside by the first guards who wanted to see your invitation. Walk back inside to the bathroom hallway where the invitation was found and pull the fire alarm on the wall across from the door.

Pulling the fire alarm

Quickly run down the hallway on the left to avoid any guards coming to investigate and go through the smaller white and gold door that leads to a stairway. Head down the stairs and turn right toward the basement access tunnels, then take the first door on the left to the locker room.

Go forward through the room with the giant casks and turn left at the end of the hall to the pantry, then turn right at the end of the room. Take another left into the darkened room filled with alcohol casks and wine bottles. If you take any other route, you are almost certain to be spotted immediately by wandering staff.

In the wine cellar, wait for Viktor to come in, but check your mini-map to ensure his guard isn’t with him. If his guard is trailing behind, wait for the guard to come through and take him out from behind first.

Waiting for Viktor to walk by

Make sure to dump his body before running after Viktor, as it isn’t worth getting this far just to have someone stumble on the body and ruin all your work.

After taking out the guard, Viktor will walk back by the door to the wine cellar. Crouch and slowly follow behind him, but don’t take him out in the hallway, as the cooks nearby will see you. Go into the stairwell and take him out from behind there.

Taking out Viktor

Stash the body and go back out the way you came, but turn left at the wine cellar instead of right. You can immediately exit the mission by using the doorway at the end of the hallway near the metal kegs, completely bypassing all the guards above.

A quick escape route

These are some of the most fun kills we found while completing the Paris mission – let us know what assassination method you prefer to use in this first episode of Hitman!

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