Freud would be proud of the way Agent 47 gets the target to admit his mommy issues before pulling the trigger in Episode 2, Sapienza!

Hitman Episode 2 Assassination Guide Part 2: Mommy issues galore!

Freud would be proud of the way Agent 47 gets the target to admit his mommy issues before pulling the trigger in Episode 2, Sapienza!

After the jaw-dropping murderous options available in the previous Paris fashion show opener, the second in Hitman’s continuing episodes doesn’t disappoint. There are just as many options for kills both silent and explosive.

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We’ve already covered two of the most simple and straightforward ways to kill your targets – poisoning Caruso’s pasta while pretending to be a new cook and disguising yourself as a private investigator to strangle Di Santis – and now we’re going to cover some of the more entertaining methods.

Get ready for the Freudian mommy issues to come bubbling to the surface as we dive deeper into the murder and mayhem possible while exploring Hitman’s second episode, Sapienza!

Target: Silvio Caruso

Kill Opportunity: Catharsis

If you already tried the pasta poison assassination, you may recall hearing Caruso discussing how today is the anniversary of his mother’s death. For this unique assassination, you are going to masquerade as a psychiatrist who has been called in to console Caruso.

To get this opportunity started, run up the steps to the second floor cafe area (with the green umbrellas) right by where the level begins. Sneak up behind the psychiatrist (who, luckily for Agent 47, just happens to be bald) and listen to his conversation.

Eavesdropping on the doctor

Turn around and head down the stairs by the Gelateria Bella poster, where you should walk by some dumpsters and a red car.

Eventually the cook standing there will head inside the doorway — follow him in and subdue him (depending on the time you approach, he may not be there at all). His body can be dumped in the standing freezers on the right side of the room.

Heading beneath the ice cream cafe

Turn on the large faucets on the left side of the room and then hide behind one of the pillars while they overflow. Eventually a waiter will come down to investigate. You can steal his uniform and stash his body in any of the freezers or the large metal locker.

Stealing a waiter disguise

Head back out the way you came in and run around to the front of the ice cream shop. Walk behind the counter into the back room and pick up the rat poison sitting on a counter by the window. (Seriously, why does everyone in this game have a ready supply of deadly rat poison just sitting out in the open?)

This seems safe to leave out on the counter…

Go back outside to the outer cafe area where the psychiatrist is drinking his coffee. While you can use various objects around the area to cause a ruckus, if you just wait a minute eventually he will stand up and walk over to the ledge for some sight seeing, letting you put the poison in his coffee.

Poisoning the doctor

Now wait for him to go back and drink the poison (you can blend in at a nearby bench if you want). Of course the psychiatrist will get sick and head for the rest room, so follow close behind. Once the bathroom door is closed, garrote or drown him, then steal his outfit and dump his body in the laundry hamper.

Not a pretty way to go at all

Drop all your weapons in the bathroom, as you will get frisked at the door when you enter the mansion. Run across the street to the mansion’s main entrance and introduce yourself as the good doctor.

After being frisked, head inside and talk to the butler in the mansion’s foyer. Follow him up to Caruso’s room and then sit on the chair and wait for your patient to arrive.

The ever-helpful butler

At any point during the session you can stand up and smother Caruso while he lies on the couch. For some bizarre entertainment, you can instead let the conversation go on longer and learn some odd things about Caruso’s relationships with women and how he felt about his mom.

Fascinating, tell me more about your relationship with your mother…

Kill Opportunity: The Good Son

From the starting area, head left by the mansion gates and follow the road until you see a crashed van. Listen to the down-on-his-luck delivery man chatting on the phone about being unable to complete the flower delivery to get this kill opportunity going.

The crashed van

Sneak up behind the delivery man, subdue him, and steal his outfit. If you drag his body over to the corner near the wall and the cliff, you can drop it off the side, effectively hiding the body as though you’d put it in a container. With the delivery man taken care of, grab some of the flowers in the side of the crashed van.

Picking up flowers

Be sure to drop any weapons you are holding and then run up to the mansion gate, announcing yourself as the flower delivery man.

The guards will frisk you and then let you in. Head up to the main foyer entrance and again talk to the butler, just like with the previous kill opportunity. (The guy just loves getting his boss killed.)

Butlers are an assassin’s best friend apparently!

This time he will lead you out back by the gardens to a grave site. Set the flowers on the grave and then grab the shovel sitting nearby. Hide in the crate so you won’t be noticed when Caruso and his guards arrive.

Murder at a graveyard

If you wait a few moments, Caruso will send his guards away for privacy while mourning his mother.

As with the previous kill method, you can sit and wait to hear more information about Caruso’s past and his…complicated…relationship with his mom. Or just pop out and silently whack him across the back of the head.

Hiding in the crate to get the drop on your mourning target

Drop Caruso’s body in the same crate you were hiding in and it will count as an unnoticed kill, letting you freely walk away to either destroy the virus or kill your other target if you haven’t yet.

So long as no one noticed you kill Caruso, you can even leave exactly the way you came in, walking right by the guards who don’t seem concerned you just left the area they thought was empty.

Escaping The Level

With Caruso down by one of these two mommy-centric methods, it’s time to escape! For a full run down on how to complete the level by destroying the virus and leaving the city by plane, check out our previous guide here.

These are just two of the more interesting and bizarre kill methods in Sapienza, and there are still plenty more. Let us know what method you chose and if you’ve found any really outlandish or fun ways to take down your targets!

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