Hogwarts Legacy: How to Get Imperio

Here's how to get the Imperius Curse and cast Imperio in Hogwarts Legacy.

Here's how to get the Imperius Curse and cast Imperio in Hogwarts Legacy.

Imperio is the second Unforgivable Curse you can learn in Hogwarts LegacyGiving you the ability to control enemies and make them attack their allies, Imperio can sway the tide of battle. Here’s how to learn Imperio in Hogwarts Legacy. 

How to Get Imperio in Hogwarts Legacy

“In the Shadow of Time” is the relationship side quest you need to start in order to learn Imperio. You will need to be at least level 17 and have completed “In the Shadow of the Study” as well as “In the Shadow of Discovery” for it to trigger.

You will receive an Owl from Sebastian inviting you to the Feldcroft Catacombs. This is where the relic from Salazar Slytherin’s journal is rumored to rest. Inside the catacombs you will be met with a number of spiders that you need to clear. Burn the cobwebs in the arch to move forward from this first area. 

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In the next room are more spiders to deal with. Once clear, use Depulso to push the doors open and continue further into the catacombs. This part of the passageway will branch off to different areas with various bits of loot throughout.

You want to head to the next main area where you will find a note. After speaking to Sebastian about it, you need to figure out how to get through the door. Here you need to use Accio to open all the tombs, spilling out skeletons. Use Accio again and bring the skeletons to the archway to have them activate and become part of it. You need three sets of skeletons in order to complete the doorway, which will open once all bones are in place. 

There is more treasure littered about, especially behind the Devil’s Snare, but if your goal is just to learn Imperio, you will want to head directly through the skeleton door. In the next room Sebastian will ask you if you want to learn the Imperius Curse. You should answer that you want to learn the curse, but if you accidently click the wrong option, you do have the opportunity to learn Imperio later on. 

Once you clear through the catacombs and locate the relic, you will discover that Ominis had followed you. Quite upset with you, you confront him. If you did not learn Imperio initially, this is your last chance. When conversing with him you will need to chose the option to side with Sebastian. Follow the cue’s which will lead you to casting Imperio on Ominis so he will let you and Sebastian leave.

Those are the two chances you have to learn Imperio in Hogwarts Legacy. For more guides or game news, check out our other Hogwarts Legacy guides.

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