Hogwarts Legacy: How to Get Into Headmaster Black’s Study

This is how to get to the highest point of Hogwarts Castle, the Headmaster's Study.

This is how to get to the highest point of Hogwarts Castle, the Headmaster's Study.
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The Headmaster’s Office is a a well guarded location in Hogwarts Legacy. Requiring a password to get through the statue guardian, getting to the highest point in Hogwarts Castle is easier said then done. Here’s how to get to the Headmaster’s Study and earn the Room with a View achievement.

How to Reach the Highest Point in Hogwarts Castle

If you try to get into the Headmaster’s Office you will find the task nigh impossible. That is until the start of the main story quest “Polyjuice Plot.”

Professor Fig aids in turning you into Professor Black as well as luring the headmaster away so you can move around the castle uninhibited. While masquerading as Professor Black you can stop and interact with some of the students you know, such as Garreth Weasley.

Once you reach Professor Black’s house elf Scrope, you will need to get the password. Just as you succeed the potion will start to wear off, leading to a swift exit. After you return to your normal self, revisit Professor Fig to update him on your success. 

Upon leaving Professor Fig’s office, the fastest way to the Headmaster’s office is to fast travel to the Trophy Room Floo Flame. If you haven’t unlocked this flame yet, go to the top of the grand staircase to find it. From the trophy room head down the curving corridor until you come to a metal gate and level one lock. Alohomora your way in and continue up the stairs. 

At the next landing you will be in a hallway with multiple bronze statues. Go to the left until you come to the statue at the end. This is where you can say the password you obtained from Scrope. The stairs upwards will appear and you can make your way to the professor’s office located at the top of the staircase. 

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Professor Black’s office is your destination for the main story. Head to his desk in the center of the office to speak to Niamh Fitzgerald. There are a few Field Guide pages as well as chests located in the office, as well.

In order to reach the highest point in the castle and get the achievement, you will need to have Alohomora fully upgraded. Once you enter the headmaster’s office you can revisit it without worry if you need to find more Demiguise statues for Gladwin moon. 

You’ll need to unlock the door on the left when you enter the main section of the office to get into Headmaster Black’s study. It is located under a mirror and is the closest door to Professor Black’s desk. You will exit to the outside of the tower where you can climb more stairs. At the end you will find the study and have reached the highest point in Hogwarts Castle.

While you cannot get this achievement until later in the game, it is a fun one to get. The various interactions with students and the other professors, as well as notes found in Professor Black’s study are worth the effort. For additional help with the game, check out our other Hogwarts Legacy guides.

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