Balloons can be seen flying throughout Hogwarts Legacy, and here's how to pop them for Kogawa's assignments.

Hogwarts Legacy: How to Pop Balloons

Balloons can be seen flying throughout Hogwarts Legacy, and here's how to pop them for Kogawa's assignments.

Hogwarts Legacy includes plenty of items to collect and tasks to complete in your Field Guide, and those tend to line up with main quest objectives. This is also the case for Madam Kogawa’s assignments, which task you with improving your flying skills through various means, and one requires that you know how to pop balloons. 

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Before you can begin Madam Kogawa’s assignments and learn the spells she has to teach you, you’ll need to get a broom. This means that while you’ll see them while exploring the game’s open world, you won’t be able or need to pop balloons until after you complete the main quest titled “Flying Class.”

Shortly after completing “Flying Class,” you’ll receive an owl from Madam Kogawa asking you to pop two sets of five flying balloons. The first set is outside of Hogsmeade, and the second is near the Quidditch field.

Popping Balloons in Hogwarts Legacy

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When you arrive at your chosen location, hop on your broom and fly up to reach the same elevation as the balloons. To pop them, all you need to do is fly through the balloons. Your broom speed doesn’t matter, so even if you’re going slowly, you’ll still pop the balloons when you touch them.

Madam Kogawa will give you multiple assignments, but the basis remains the same as far as popping balloons goes. In exchange, she’ll teach you spells such as Arresto Momentum.

Now that you know how to pop balloons and on your way to improving your flight skills, you can use them in combination with some of our other Hogwarts Legacy guides to gather potion ingredients like Horklump Juice, which is needed for crafting Wiggenweld Potions. Or you might want to go hunt Disillusionment Chests. Either way, we’ve got you covered.

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