Hogwarts Legacy: How to Steal a Crossbow Bolt from Loyalist Ranger

Here's how to steal a crossbow bolt from a Loyalist Ranger for that elusive dueling feat in Hogwarts Legacy.

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Employing a variety of creative ways to harm your enemies allows you to add flair to any fight. On the more complicated side is the ability to take a weapon from your enemies. Here’s how to steal a crossbow bolt from a Loyalist Ranger in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to Gain the Ability to Steal Weapons in Hogwarts Legacy

Stealing a crossbow bolt from a Loyalist Ranger in Hogwarts Legacy is a dueling feat. It starts to appear in the mid to late game. This is because it’s a progression-locked ability. First, you must learn Expelliarmus from Professor Hecat after completing her second assignment.

Additionally, you must have unlocked talents and chosen to activate Ancient Magic Throw Expertise under the Core category. Once done, you can steal a crossbow bolt from a Loyalist Ranger.

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How to Complete the Steal a Crossbow from a Loyalist Ranger Feat

When fighting against Loyalist Rangers, their ranged attacks can whittle down your health. Often firing from elevated locations, they can be hard to target and defeat. They can be rendered ineffective if you take their ammunition away from them, however.

To complete the Steal a Crossbow Bolt from a Loyalist Ranger feat, target them with Expelliarmus. When their weapon goes flying, grab it with your Ancient Magic Throw to steal it.

Target an enemy to send that crossbow bolt into them, dealing a good amount of damage. Alternatively, if you have good reflexes, you can catch the bolt after a ranger fires it, saving your spell for something else.

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I personally like stealing weapons and sending them back, as it acts as both defense and offense. It reduces the number of crossbow bolts I get hit with and inflicts damage on a target of my choosing. It’s especially useful in the arena when you have multiple enemies ganging up on you. I can easily wipe out a chunk of health from an Ogre’s bar with some carefully placed shots.

The key to stealing a crossbow bolt from a Loyalist Ranger is upgrading your Ancient Magic Throw so you can throw disarmed objects. Run out of items to hurl at your target? Just steal them from your enemies, causing them to not only waste an attack but to take damage, too.

That’s all you need to know about how to steal a crossbow bolt from a Loyalist Ranger in Hogwarts Legacy for that elusive feat. For more help with the game, check out our other Hogwarts Legacy guides here on GameSkinny.

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