Hogwarts Legacy: North Ford Bog Treasure Vault Arrow Block Puzzle Solutions

Arrow block puzzles are scattered across the world in Hogwarts Legacy and you'll want to solve them for their rewards.

Arrow block puzzles are scattered across the world in Hogwarts Legacy and you'll want to solve them for their rewards.

There are a few different types of treasure vaults to crack open in Hogwarts Legacy, but here we’re focusing on the arrow block puzzles found in various regions. There are three of these puzzles to solve, each with their own rewards. Here’s how to solve the North Ford Bog treasure vault arrow block puzzles in Hogwarts Legacy.

North Ford Bog Treasure Vault Puzzle Solutions

Solving the arrow block puzzles in North Ford Bog is relatively straightforward once you understand the end goal. Each puzzle is set up where there are missing blocks, with the arrows on present blocks being in a specific pattern. Place the missing block using Accio and Wingardium Leviosa to rotate the block so the arrow matches the existing pattern. Check out our controls guide to see how to rotate the blocks for your platform.

San Bakar Tower Arrow Block Treasure Vault

The first arrow block treasure vault you may come across in North Ford Bog is the one located along the river just south of San Bakar’s tower. In the image below the indicator location is used to highlight the area, as this screenshot was taken after it had been completed. Beware of river trolls that are hanging out to the east of this spot.

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The pattern for this puzzle is 2 matching columns on the outside with the opposite column in the middle. The solution to the puzzle is the arrow facing down, which is opposite the two outer blocks.

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Feldcroft Arrow Block Treasure Vault

This treasure vault is most easily reached when you start at the Feldcroft Floo Flame. Go north from the town until you come across a troll den, and continue north west until you find a ruin. To unlock this vault you will need to find the spell block a bit to the east along the rock edge and drop it on the spell plate. Cast Levioso to have it levitate and open the vault.

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To solve this puzzle, you need to pay attention to the top row of arrows, and in this case all the arrows but down are represented so that is what needs to be placed to complete the puzzle.

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Rookwood Castle Arrow Block Treasure Vault

This treasure vault is almost straight west from Rookwood Castle Floo Flame. From the Floo Flame head west along the road until you reach an intersection. From there head SW until you come across the entrance to the vault.

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This puzzle is a bit more difficult than the other two to solve. There are the puzzle blocks you need to solve to the right side, and to the left is the pattern you need to match.

The key here is paying attention to the number of blank blocks to determine which row the arrow blacks match to. There are two blocks that need to be placed for this puzzle to be solved.

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That’s how to solve all three of the arrow block treasure vault puzzles as well as where you can find them. Practice your Wingardium Leviosa skills and getting to the chests will be a breeze. Check out our other Hogwarts Legacy guides here on GameSkinny.

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