Here's how to get the Mallowsweet Leaves used to activate Merlin's Trials in Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy: Where to Find Mallowsweet

Here's how to get the Mallowsweet Leaves used to activate Merlin's Trials in Hogwarts Legacy.

There are a variety of plants used in Hogwarts Legacy. Mallowsweet is one of them. Used to active Merlin Trial locations, the player is in constant need of Mallowsweet Leaves. Here’s where to find Mallowsweet in Hogwarts Legacy.

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How to Get Mallowsweet in Hogwarts Legacy

You can first obtain Mallowsweet on their first visit to Hogsmeade. When visiting the Magic Neep, Mallowsweet Leaves and Seeds are listed for sale. The leaves cost 100 Galleons while the seeds cost 200 Galleons.

Other vendors across the Hogwarts Legacy world also sell the leaves. It can be grown in small pots, so if the player wants to focus on the Merlin Trials, they can grow it in the pot in the Herbology Classroom before unlocking the Room of Requirement. Mallowsweet Leaves take 10 minutes to grow and 5 leaves are harvested when mature. 

Mallowsweet Leaves can also be found in the wild. Growing in the Forbidden Forset, there are no specific locations that Mallowsweet can be harvested from. Players should be on the lookout for any harvestable plants, using Revelio often to highlight them if needed.

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Mallowsweet Leaves can be harvested from the plants in the Hogwarts greenhouses. Starting with the first herbology class and then freely after, you can wander the potting stations and pick the various plants that are growing, including Mallowsweet. 

Mallowsweet Leaves and Merlin’s Trials

The purpose of Mallowsweet is not immediately clear as it is not a potion ingredient nor a combat ready magical plant. When heading to Lower Hogsfield for the first time, players will encounter Nora Treadwell, a historian researching Merlin.

Helping her unlock the secrets of the Merlin Trial she has camped around will yield 5 Mallowsweet Leaves, one of which you use during the quest. One bundle is needed to activate each Merlin Trial, resulting in the player needing at least 95 uses of the plant to complete them all. 

While Mallowsweet is easy enough to obtain, the large amounts needed to complete all Merlin Trials can be a costly endeavor. Purchasing the amount needed will cost 950 Galleons, while investing in the seeds costs 200 Galleons and time for the plant to grow. Finding the herb in the Forbidden Forest can aid the player in beefing up their stockpile of it for later use.

That’s all you need to know about how to get Mallowsweet Leaves in Hogwarts Legacy. If you found this guide helpful, consider checking out some of our other guides such as how to get Horklump Juice or the location of the Brood & Peck.

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