Honkai Star Rail: All Characters Ultimates and Skills

Here are all of the skills and ultimate for the 28 characters in Honkai Star Rail.

Here are all of the skills and ultimate for the 28 characters in Honkai Star Rail.
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There are 28 characters currently playable in Honkai Star Rail, including the main character. While some names are familiar from Honkai Impact 3rd, others are new entries for the series.

Each has their own design, motivations, and background, making them completely unique. Included in that are their skills and ultimates, each stylized around the character’s personality. There are some that you can unlock for free, as well. Here’s a list of all the character skills and ultimates, organized by affiliation, in Honkai Star Rail.

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Main Character: Trailblazer

Depending on which build you go, you’ll have access to different skills and ultimates for your main Trailblazer characters.


  • Basic ATK: Farwell Hit
  • Skill: RIP Homerun
  • Ultimate: Stardust Ace
  • Technique: Immortal Third Strike


  • Basic ATK: Ice-Breaking Light
  • Skill: Ever-Burning Amber
  • Ultimate: War-Flaming Lance
  • Technique: Call of the Guardian

The Astral Express


  • Basic ATK: Sawblade Tuning
  • Skill: Molten Detonation 
  • Ultimate: Heavenly Flare
  • Technique: Incomplete Combustion
  • Follow-Up ATK: Victory Rush


  • Basic ATK: Gravity Suppression
  • Skill: Edge of the Void
  • Ultimate: Synthetic Black Hole
  • Technique: Gravitational Imprisonment

Dan Heng

  • Basic ATK: Cloudlancer Art North Wind
  • Skill: Cloudlancer Art Torrent
  • Ultimate: Ethereal Dream
  • Technique: Splitting Spearhead

March 7th

  • Basic ATK: Frigid Cold Arrow
  • Skill: The Power of Cuteness
  • Ultimate: Glacial Cascade
  • Technique: Freezing Beauty
  • Follow-Up ATK: Girl Power

Stellaron Hunters


  • Skill: Caressing Moonlight
  • Ultimate: Twilight Trill
  • Technique: Mercy Is Not Forgiveness

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Silver Wolf

  • Basic ATK: System Warning
  • Skill: Allow Changes?
  • Ultimate: User Banned
  • Technique: Force Quit Program


  • Basic ATK: Shard Sword
  • Skill: Hellscape
  • Ultimate: Death Sentence
  • Technique: Karma Wind

The Xianzhou Luofu


  • Basic ATK: Frost Thorn
  • Skill: Darting Ironthorn
  • Ultimate: Amidst the Raining Bliss
  • Technique: The One True Sword
  • Follow-Up ATK: One With the Sword

Jing Yuan

  • Basic ATK: Glistening Light
  • Skill: Rifting Zenith
  • Ultimate: Lightbringer
  • Technique: Mercy of a Fool
  • Follow-Up ATK: Prana Extirpated


  • Basic ATK: Diagnostic Kick
  • Skill: Singing Among Clouds
  • Ultimate: Felicitous Thunderleap
  • Technique: Saunter in the Rain


  • Skill: Soothing Melody
  • Basic ATK: Dislodged
  • Ultimate: Amidst the Rejoicing Clouds Cloud
  • Technique: Gentle Breeze


  • Basic ATK: Cherry on Top!
  • Basic ATK: Flower Pick
  • Skill: A Scoop of Moon
  • Ultimate: A Quartet? Woo-hoo!
  • Technique: Game Solitaire


  • Basic ATK: Cloudfencer Art Starshine
  • Skill: Cloudfencer Art Mountainfall
  • Ultimate: Shape of Taixu Dawn Herald
  • Technique: Cloudfencer Art Warcry


  • Basic ATK: Thorns of the Abyss
  • Skill: Prayer of Abyss Flower
  • Ultimate: Death Wish


  • Basic Attack: Arrowslinger
  • Skill: Emboldening Salvo
  • Ultimate: Diving Kestrel
  • Technique: Chasing the Wind



  • Basic ATK: Windrider Bullet
  • Skill: Combat Redeployment
  • Ultimate: The Belobog March
  • Technique: Banner of Command


  • Basic ATK: Fist of Conviction
  • Skill: Daunting Smite
  • Ultimate: Enduring Bulwark
  • Technique: Comradery


  • Basic ATK: I Want to Help
  • Skill: Svarog Watches Over You
  • Ultimate: Promise, Not Command
  • Technique: A Small Price for Victory
  • Follow-Up ATK: Because We’re Family

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  • Basic ATK: Thwack
  • Skill: Sheathed Blade
  • Ultimate: Butterfly Flurry
  • Technique: Phantom Illusion


  • Basic ATK: Dazzling Blades
  • Skill: Ricochet Love
  • Ultimate: Surprise Present
  • Technique: Shining Bright


  • Basic ATK: Frost Shot
  • Skill: Frostbite
  • Ultimate: Zone Suppression
  • Technique: Preemptive Strike


  • Basic ATK: Roaring Thunderclap
  • Skill: Lightning Flash
  • Ultimate: Here Comes the Mechanical Fever
  • Technique: Good Night, Belobog


  • Basic ATK: Behind the Kindness
  • Skill: Love, Heal, and Choose
  • Ultimate: Gift of Rebirth
  • Technique: Hypnosis Research


  • Basic ATK: Hehe! Don’t Get Burned!
  • Skill: Hey! Remember Hook?
  • Technique: Ack! Look at This Mess!
  • Ultimate: Boom! Here Comes the Fire!


  • Enhanced Basic ATK: Sky-Shatter Fist
  • Skill: Lacerating Fist
  • Ultimate: Coup de Grace
  • Technique: Anticipator

Herta Space Station


  • Basic ATK: Spectrum Beam
  • Skill: Meteor Storm
  • Ultimate: Astral Blessing
  • Technique: Miracle Flash


  • Basic ATK: What Are You Looking At?
  • Skill: One-Time Offer
  • Ultimate: It’s Magic, I Added Some Magic
  • Technique: It Can Still Be Optimized
  • Follow-Up ATK: Fine, I’ll Do It Myself


  • Basic ATK: Lightning Rush
  • Skill: Shackle Breaker
  • Ultimate: Frenzied Punishment
  • Technique: Swift Harvest

Those are all the skills and ultimates for the current characters.  For more on Honkai Star Rail, check out our growing library of guides.

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