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Honkai Star Rail: Best Teams for Pure Fiction 2.2

Take a look at the best DoT units to clear each stage of Pure Fiction.

Honkai: Star Rail’s Pure Fiction mode pits you against multiple waves of enemies that you need to take down as fast as possible. While you can try and brute force your way through each round using your favorite units, there are specific teams that take advantage of this version’s Pure Fiction battle effect, allowing you to get through each round with ease.

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Battle Effect

Every Pure Fiction update includes a bonus battle mechanic that players can take advantage of to deal more damage and eliminate mobs quickly. For this update, the Whimsicality effect increases damage over time (DoT) by 50%. Additionally, enemies that receive DoT have their damage reduced by 35%, and their actions are advanced forward by 35% to activate current DoTs (Shock, Burn, Bleed, etc.) more quickly.

This Pure Fiction update also allows players to choose additional buffs to further enhance their team’s damage potential. The buffs are very situational, so note that some buffs may or may not work better for specific teams. If you lack DoT units, your best bet is to go for the Argument buff, as this will automatically apply Wind Shear to any new enemies entering the field. Ahead are the following buffs you can apply to your teams for this version of Pure Fiction:

Buff NameEffect
RebuttalWhen enemy targets are defeated, the DoTs on them have a 100% base chance to be transferred to all enemies.
ArgumentAfter enemy targets enter battle, they become afflicted by Wind Shear. At the start of every turn, they receive a set amount of Wind DoT and inflict Wind Shear on themselves and adjacent enemy targets.
VerificationWhen 3 or more characters following the Path of Nihility are in the team, increases all allies’ DMG dealt by 60% and SPD by 30%.

Best Teams for Pure Fiction: Lexical Enigma

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Any DoT unit such as Kafka, Serval, Black Swan, Guinaifen, Sampo, or Luka will work wonderfully for this version of Pure Fiction. If you have any of these characters, it’s highly recommended that you create teams centered around them to ensure easy clears. Since each stage of Pure Fiction also has its own bosses and enemies, be sure to also choose the appropriate elements to deal even more damage. The following are some suggested teams to take on each stage of Pure Fiction but feel free to mix and match to your liking.

Team #1: Acheron, Kafka, Black Swan, and Flex

This team utilizes both Acheron’s strong DPS, as well as Kafka and Black Swan’s DoT kit to take advantage of this Pure Fiction’s battle effect. Since this team consists of three Nihility characters, you’ll want to pick the Verification to increase your DMG and SPD. For each round, focus on using both Kafka and Black Swan’s skills to apply DoTs to enemies, and build up Acheron’s Ultimate. Once Acheron’s Ultimate is sufficiently built, you can use it to clear multiple mobs at once. The Flex position for this team can be filled by another Harmony unit to buff your characters or sustain unit to provide shields or health regeneration to keep your units healthy. 

Team #2: Black Swan, Guinaifen, Flex, Flex

This team, in particular, works really well for the first half of Stage 4 since Guinaifen’s Fire-based attacks and AoE Ultimate shred through Fire-weak enemies. While Guinaifen does apply Burn with her Skill and Ultimate, Black Swan will mostly take advantage of this Pure Fiction’s DoT-focused battle effect. The two other open slots on this team can be filled by other DoT units, sustain units, or Harmony units for extra buffs.

Team #3: Kafka, Black Swan, Ruan Mei, Flex

Even without Acheron, Kafka and Black Swan work really well together when it comes to dishing out DoT damage. Without getting too much into how Black Swan works, just note that Black Swan’s kit allows her DoTs (Arcana) spread quickly among mobs, while Kafka’s Skill and Ultimate can stack the amount of damage Black Swan’s DoT can do. 

Generally, you want to make sure that you’re always using Kafka and Black Swan’s Skills when it’s their turn. Ruan Mei provides a strong damage boost for this team as well via her Ultimate, and also allows her teammates to break enemies more easily for huge damage. The flex spot on this team can be filled with another DoT unit, sustain, or Harmony unit.

Team #4: Clara, Herta, Lynx, Flex

If you don’t have any DoT units, using a follow-up team is going to be your best bet for this Pure Fiction. Clara particularly shines in the first half of Stage 4 since there are multiple Physical-weak enemies. Herta can offer sub-DPS support via her follow-up attack, allowing her to chip away at enemies Clara knocks down below 50% HP. Lynx’s healing Skill also applies a taunt, which will allow Clara to be targeted by mobs to activate her counterattack every time she gets hit.

For the flex position, I recommend filling it with another follow-up attacker like Topaz, a follow-up attack support unit like Robin, or another Harmony unit to buff your teammates. Just note that since this team doesn’t rely on DoTs, be sure to choose the Argument buff to inflict Wind Shear on enemies when they enter the field. 

I hope that you’re able to clear each stage of Pure Fiction with the help of these team suggestions. For more tips on character builds, be sure to check out our HSR guides.

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