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Honkai Star Rail: The Best Boothill Relics & Build

Break enemies and dish out massive damage with ease.

Honkai: Star Rail’s Version 2.2 update brought us a slew of new content, including new missions, a new weekly boss, and two new 5-star characters — Robin and Boothill — that couldn’t be any more different. While Robin follows the Path of Harmony to buff her teammates, the game’s latest 5-star character, Boothill, is a Hunt character who specializes in dealing massive, single-target damage. To unleash serious pain, I gathered the best Light Cones, relics, and more for building the foul-mouthed Galaxy Ranger.

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Best Light Cones for Boothill

Honkai Star Rail Boothill signature light cone
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Since Boothill’s damage potential is reliant on his Break Effect stat, his Light Cone options are going to be more limited since many current Hunt Cones (outside of his signature Cone) don’t enhance this specific stat. While that may be the case, there are still a handful of Hunt Light Cones that will help boost other areas in his kit to help him either take turns more quickly or increase his overall DMG.

Light ConeWhere to Get
Sailing Towards A Second Life (5-star)Brilliant Fixation (Limited-Event Banner)
Adversarial (3-star)All Warp Banners
Swordplay (4-star)All Warp Banners
Cruising in the Stellar Sea (5-star)Herta’s Store

Best Relics for Boothill

Boothill best relic set
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General Stats

Boothill is fairly simple to build and doesn’t require investing in multiple stats like other DPS characters since his main damage source is just Break Effect. However, building up SPD is also very important since he’ll be able to take extra turns, allowing him to take out more than one enemy per cycle. For the most part, you should stack Break Effect and SPD across all of your relics. A good SPD breakpoint to aim for is 145, but you can definitely stack more SPD to allow him to take multiple turns per cycle.

The following are the main stats you should get on specific relic pieces:

  • Body: Any (make sure you have Break Effect and/or SPD)
  • Feet: SPD
  • Planar Sphere: Any (make sure you have Break Effect and/or SPD)
  • Link Rope: Break Effect

Relic Sets

Relic SetEffect
4-Piece Thief of Shooting MeteorIncreases Break Effect by 16%. Increases the wearer’s Break Effect by 16%. When the wearer inflicts Weakness Break on an enemy, regenerates 3 Energy.
2-Piece Thief of Shooting Meteor + 2-Piece Watchmaker, Master of Dream MachinationsThief Set increases Break Effect by 16%. Watchmaker Set increases Break Effect by 16%
2-Piece Thief of Shooting Meteor + 2-Piece Messenger Traversing HackerspaceThief Set increases Break Effect by 16%. Messenger Set increases SPD by 6%.

Planar Sets

Planar SetEffect
Talia: Kingdom of BanditryIncreases the wearer’s Break Effect by 16%. When the wearer’s SPD reaches 145 or higher, the wearer’s Break effect increases by an extra 20%.

Boothill Trace Priorities

Honkai Star Rail Boothill traces
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When leveling up Boothill’s Traces, it’s recommended that you focus on maxing out his Talent first, followed by his Skill, Ultimate, and then Basic Attack. Additionally, make sure to unlock his Major Traces that increase his DMG output, his survivability, and his Energy regeneration. 

Best Boothill Team Comps

Honkai Star Rail Boothill team comp
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Team #1: Boothill, Bronya, Ruan Mei, and Gallagher

This premium team puts Boothill in the role of the main DPS, while Harmony characters like Bronya and Ruan Mei further increase his damage potential. Bronya, in particular, will give Boothill a DMG boost and advance him forward via her skill, allowing him more opportunities to attack. Additionally, Ruan Mei’s skill increases her teammates’ Weakness Break Efficiency, which works wonderfully with Boothill’s Break Effect-centric gameplay. Gallagher is the preferred healer for this team, as his kit also scales off Break Effect, allowing him to also deal some decent damage in addition to keeping his teammates alive. 

Team #2: Boothill, Harmony MC, Pela, and Gallagher

This team is a little more F2P friendly due to the inclusion of Harmony MC and Pela (4-star). Harmony MC works really well in Break Effect-centric teams due to their Super Break effect that allows their teammates to deal additional Break DMG even after an enemy’s toughness bar is depleted. Although Pela can’t contribute Break Effect specific buffs, her DEF shred kit will help Boothill deal extra damage. Like the previous team, Gallagher’s break effect kit synergizes really well with Boothill, but if you don’t have him and just need extra survivability, you can swap him out for healers like Natasha or Lynx or shielders like March 7th or Aventurine.

I hope that you break and destroy enemies with ease with this Boothill build. For more tips on character builds, team comps, and more, be sure to check out our HSR guides.

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