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Honkai Star Rail: Best Auto-Battle Farming Teams

Take out legions of enemies with these team compositions for auto-battle farming Honkai: Star Rail.

Many encounters in Honkai: Star Rail require a lot of your attention, either because they’re new or you need to use a specific strategy to win. Farming upgrade materials, equipment, and currency rarely fall into that category, however, so knowing the best auto-battle teams can make that farming quick and almost effortless.

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Top Auto-Battle Farming Teams in Honkai: Star Rail

As you progress in Honkai: Star Rail, you’ll need to farm character upgrade materials, currencies, and equipment (maybe as part of a F2P schedule), but might not want to dedicate more than the bare minimum of your attention to it. That’s where a good auto-battle farming team comes in. These teams are built and composed of characters that clear wave after wave of trash mobs with little to no input from you beyond starting and restarting the activity.

This list covers two possible team compositions: purely free-to-play (F2P) and premium. Pure F2P assumes you only have a single 5-star from the standard banner, plus a selection of 4-stars from the same. I’m also assuming none of the F2P choices are any higher than E1 or E2 for the 4-star, with 5-stars always at E0.

Premium teams assume you pull on at least some of the limited event banners, though I’m also assuming you’re spending as little as possible (say $10-20 per phase) or have saved for all the limited characters you have. I’ve tried to put together an equal amount of purely F2P and premium teams, because you can clear the endgame of HSR with nothing but 4-stars, but having limited characters tends to make things so much easier.

If you want a relatively quick way to ensure you get the 5-star you want out the gate, you need to reroll.

Free-to-Play Auto-Battle Teams in Honkai Star Rail

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Team 1: AoE and DoT Specialists

Characters: Guinaifen, Asta, Serval, Bailu

With this team, you have both Fire and Lightning damage weakness covered and the ability to deal damage to the entire enemy line. While adding Kafka would turn this team into something really special, with both Guinaifen and Serval Speed boosted by Asta and kept alive by Bailu, it’s a solid budget DoT and AoE setup.

Team 2: All-Rounder

Characters: Preservation MC, Asta, Tingyun, Welt

Never underestimate the power of a well-built Welt, and with Asta speeding up the team and Tingyun buffing Welt’s damage and powering his Ultimate, you get three benefits for the price of two characters. With Tinyun’s Ult giving Welt energy, he can keep the enemies imprisoned and deal damage, and Asta is giving your team even more Speed to stay ahead of the opposition. Preservation MC (your main character) gives Fire coverage and some shields.

Team 3: Qingquillian Damage

Characters: Gallagher, Qingque, Pela, Harmony MC

As mentioned in our best Honkai: Star Rail DPS characters, Qingque has long flirted with being a truly S-Tier unit, though that depends somewhat on having her at E6. If the only copy you have is from the free drop, she’s still one of the best free-to-play damage characters available. Adding Pela for Defense shred, Harmony MC for Super Break damage, and Gallagher for more Break, healing, and Fire coverage, and you’re in a good spot.

Seele “F2P” Team: Seele or Bust

Characters: Seele, Bronya or Tingyun, Pela or Asta, Natasha

No, Seele is not a free 5-star, but she’s such an amazing unit that even now, she’s more than worth a pull, even with the likes of Acheron, Jingliu, and Dan Heng, Imbibitor Lunae in the game. Not only is she still a solid workhorse DPS, but she also makes one of the premium team compositions possible.

Premium Auto-Battle Farming Teams in Honkai: Star Rail

Acheron warp artwork in Honkai: Star Rail
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Premium Team 1: The Acheron Special

Characters: Pela, Your Favorite Sustain, Acheron, Silver Wolf

Acheron has the highest damage ceiling in the game as of writing, capable of easily hitting 300,000-400,000 with even a mild amount of investment, and if you use this particular team, she can hit those numbers very consistently. You don’t even need any specific sustaining character with her, though if you have Aventurine, you can all but guarantee your Acheron never dies ever. Usually.

Premium Team 2: Follow-Up Specialists

Characters: Robin, Aventurine, Dr. Ratio, Clara or Topaz and Numby

As the meta of Honkai: Star Rail has evolved, follow-up attacks have entered a very comfortable place. A team composition with Robin and the three IPC characters — Dr. Ratio, Aventuring, and Topaz and Numby — makes for a frighteningly powerful setup. You can trade out Topaz for Clara if you don’t have the former, and any good Harmony character, can sub in for Robin, though her kit works directly with FUA characters, and she’s fantastic in most other teams, too.

Premium Team 3: Mono-Quantum Mains

Characters: Seele or Qingque, Sparkle, Silver Wolf, Fu Xuan or Lynx

A top-tier Mono-Quantum team was long the hope and prayer of the Honkai: Star Rail community, and with the addition of Sparkle to the roster, the final piece fell into place. Now you can use the classic Seele or the gambling gremlin Qingque as your DPS with Sparkle for advance and buffs, Silver Wolf for debuffs, and ideally Fu Xuan as a sustain. Lynx works in that final slot in a pinch.

No matter which team composition you choose, auto-battle farming for mats and currency in Honkai: Star Rail should be a relatively chill experience where you never worry about survivability. Using an optimal farming team would make it even more so, though.

If you’re looking for more ways to get the most out of your time in HSR, check out our guides on how to get 90 free pulls, the best teams for boss DPS, and our Caverns of Corrosion guide. Visit ourHSR guides hub for more.

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