Honkai: Star Rail — How to Complete the Fired Mission

Fired is one of the later missions available in Honkai: Star Rail. Here's how to complete it.

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You unlock new missions every few levels in Honkai: Star Rail and one of the last ones you’ll get access to is called “Fired,” taking place on the Xianzhou Luofu ship. You gain access to it following the completion of Venom Brews, Immortality Brews after speaking to the alchemist Dan Shu. You’ll get a text message from someone named Xikui about an event where you help a traffic watcher. We’ll cover how to complete this simple but interesting mission today.

How to Complete Fired in Honkai Star Rail

You’ll start by meeting a man named Tantan by heading to Central Starskiff Haven, nearest to the Starwatcher Avenue Space Anchor. He’ll direct you to take part in a small memory mini-game where you’ll need to watch a group of starskiffs go by, then correctly tell him how many of a certain color were in the grouping.

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The best way to keep things straight in your head (or at least, this worked for me) is to count aloud and mark each starskiff that goes by. So, every time a blue one crosses, say “One blue, two blue,” etc.

Guess correctly one or two times, and Tantan will test you again, and a light blue starskiff will wiz by.

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Remember the particular shade of light blue. You’ll need it later. For now, head over to the crash victim, a woman named Mei, and speak to her. She’ll direct you to pick up some papers nearby to find a contact number. The first one is right next to her. Use Diting to reveal it.

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The second part of the contact number is on a hidden note across from Mei near a flower pot.

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Speak to Luhui, Mei’s employer, then make your way to Luhui herself in the southwest of the area. She’s deciding whether to fire Mei or not, hence the Fired mission title. You can treat her relationship with Mei any way you want, though kindness tends to go a long way. After speaking to Luhui the first time, Tantan will contact you again, and then you’ll text Luhui again. At this point, you’ll head back to the scene of the accident.

Continuing the Quest

Talk with Tantan, and you’ll both start searching for clues about the speeding starskiff’s pilot and location. Speak to Mei and see what she has to say, and make note of the yellow text in her dialog: these are bits of mission-related information. Mei will say the starskiff was either blue or yellow (we know it’s blue). She also says she heard a cracking sound from its engines.

Next, you’ll speak to a young woman in an orange top near the bridge and a man in blue near a staircase and what looks like a coathanger. The woman in orange has no good intel, but the man in blue says it turned right at the crossroads.

To close this first part of the mission, teleport to the Earthrise Agora Space Anchor, head into the Palace of Astrum and speak to Xikui. She’ll show you three pictures, but the main one you’ll need to study is the Cycrane at the northeast entrance. The light blue starskiff is easily visible in the middle of the image.

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With the image in hand, head over to Tantan in the far corner, and when he asks which is the offending starskiff, respond, “Third one from the left.” Don’t worry if you pick the wrong one, as you’ll still be directed to the next part of the mission, which takes you to the Stargazer Navalia. You’ll want to teleport to the Ship Nursery – The Burgeoning.

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Head down to the furthest southwestern portion of the map to find the offending starskiff and its owner, who will sic some enemies on you. Defeat them, take the pilot into custody, and Luhui will contact you again.

What you do next will help her decide what to do with Mei. You can push her to fire the poor woman or choose to offer support. I chose to support them, and Luhui realized that as frustrated as she could get with Mei, they are a family. You’ll learn the outcome of their relationship (based on your choices) in a text message after the daily reset. For finishing the storyline, you’ll complete the A Simple Life achievement and get five Stellar Jade to boot.

One of the easier but more touching missions in Honkai: Star Rail, Fired nonetheless offers good rewards for not much effort. It’s one of the final missions in the game before you reach the Trailblaze Level 34 gate, and a good one to do while you continue leveling up. If you’re looking for more help in HSR, we have a full quest list, a guide to the best teams for boss DPS, and more in our guides hub.

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