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Honkai Star Rail: Full Quest List

The full quest list for Honkai: Star Rail, including Trailblaze, Adventure, Companion, and Daily Missions.

The full quest list for Honkai: Star Rail is divided into different types of quests, called missions in-game. Trailblaze Missions are your main storyline quests that progress the game. Adventure Missions are general side quests. Companion Missions are side quests that revolve around your companion characters. Finally, Daily Missions are quests that reset every day with random quests that give you Activity Points for your Daily Training rewards.

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Honkai Star Rail: Full Quest List

Trailblaze Missions

Herta Space Station

  • Chaos in the Deep
  • Eye of the Storm
  • A Moment of Peace
  • Lingering Shadows
  • The Voyage Continues

Jarilo-VI: In the Withering Wintry Night

  • A Grand Cool Adventure
  • Travelers on a Winter Night
  • Everwinter Night
  • You Can Run, but You Can’t Hide
  • Hide-And-Seek
  • The Eighth and Final Rule
  • Long Wait for the Blade’s Edge
  • Ones Fallen into the Abyss
  • A Sunset Rendezvous
  • The Past Will Return as an Avalanche
  • Lying in Rust
  • To Rot or to Burn
  • Not Good with Farewells

Jarilo-VI: In the Sweltering Morning Sun

  • Cleanse the Darkness Outside
  • Unattainable Idol
  • Young Guard
  • Soldiers Stay Silent
  • The Stars are Cold Toys
  • Roads to the Past have Long Been Closed
  • In the Dangerous Muddy Swamp
  • No Time for Me, My Friend
  • Silent Galaxy

Xianzhou Loufu

  • An Invitation Without Proffer
  • Amidst the Mara-Struck
  • Devising Stratagems
  • The Hound Chases the Fox
  • Stars Spun, Prescience Sprung
  • Venom Brews, Immortality Looms

Adventure Missions

Herta Space Station

  • Guide Paradox
  • Out of Reach
  • Simulated Universe
  • Simulated Universe: Second Closed Beta
  • Road to Revival
  • Sensitive Beings (I, II, and III)
  • To: The Faint Star
  • Signs of Fragmentum
  • Requiem Mass


  • Gladiator
  • Vessel of Mediocrity
  • Silent Yet Shining
  • Calyx (Crimson): Bud of Harmony
  • Calyx (Golden): Bud of Memories
  • Ring and Stage (I and II)
  • Survival Wisdom
  • Night on the Great Mine
  • The Adventurous Moles
  • Winter Soldier’s March
  • An Eye for an Eye
  • Out of Control

Astral Express

  • Fleeting Lights

Companion Missions


  • An Unexpected Turn of Events


  • You Already Know Me


  • Old Foreman’s Treasure
  • Hook’s Treasure
  • Hook’s Gift


  • Origin of the Medicine
  • Blizzard Immunity

Gepard and Serval

  • Time Express
  • Only a Child

Daily Missions

  • Out of Thin Air
  • Wooo a Little
  • Bored to Death
  • On the Doorsteps of Science
  • The Art of Conversation
  • Operation Mole
  • All About Tamila
  • The Setting Sun is the Most Beautiful
  • Snow Plains Tracking
  • Fly to Tomorrow
  • A Marvelous Night at Boulder Town
  • Street Pen Pal
  • Meals are More Important

Quests are an integral part of your journey on the Astral Express, and there are sure to be more quests added as the game receives future updates. Until then, check out more of our Honkai: Star Rail guides here.

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