How to Unlock Daily Missions in Honkai: Star Rail

Wondering how to unlock Daily Missions in Honkai Star Rail? Here's what you need to know.

Wondering how to unlock Daily Missions in Honkai Star Rail? Here's what you need to know.

Honkai: Star Rail has loads of content to play through, ranging from various quests, locations, and characters. Along with the main story Trailblaze Missions, there are daily missions you can complete, but you’ll need to get access to them first. Our guide tells you how to unlock Daily Missions in Honkai: Star Rail. 

What are Daily Missions?

Daily Missions, also known as Daily Training, are five missions that you can complete every day. The missions reset at 4 a.m server time, so it can vary depending on your time zone compared to the server’s.

Each completed training awards achievement points that are used to obtain rewards. In our experience so far, missions can include leveling up relics or inflicting Weakness Break on enemies a certain number of times in a single battle.

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Unlocking Daily Missions

To gain access to Daily Missions, you’ll need to get to planet Jarilo-VI and complete the Trailblaze Mission, Long Wait for the Blade’s Edge. This comes after finding all the children in the Hide-and-Seek quest.

Daily Missions will unlock as the quest completes. It’ll take an average four hours to complete Trailblaze Missions before you can unlock Daily Missions.

Daily Mission Rewards

Once complete, Daily Missions give a variety of rewards. To get all rewards, you’ll need to complete all the missions given.

  • Trailblaze EXP x1,000
  • Stellar Jade x60
  • Credits x 30,400
  • Lost Gold Fragments x9
  • 3 Star Adventure Log x1

That’s how to unlock Daily Missions in Honkai: Star Rail. Check out the rest of our HSR guides for help with builds, how to claim Twitch Drops, and more.

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