Honkai Star Rail: How to Get and Use Light Cones

If you want to keep your team strong in Honkai Star Rail, you'll need to use Light Cones. Here's how to find and use them to their fullest extent.

If you want to keep your team strong in Honkai Star Rail, you'll need to use Light Cones. Here's how to find and use them to their fullest extent.

One of the more unique elements of Honkai Star Rail is Light Cones. They play a big part in building up your characters, and it’s imperative that you understand their purpose. So why are they important? In short, Light Cones effectively add powerful buffs to your characters. Our guide goes into more detail about how to find and use Light Cones to their full potential in Honkai Star Rail.

What are Light Cones in Honkai Star Rail?

Within the lore, Light Cones are sealed memories that can enhance characters. From a gameplay perspective, Light Cones have quite a resemblance to how weapons are treated in Genshin Impact.

The difference here is that Light Cones are more like equipable items. Their universal purpose is to provide stat buffs for characters during battle. If they match a character’s path, however, they also offer unique abilities.

How to Get Light Cones

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Light Cones are a pretty common reward in Honkai Star Rail. You’ll be able to find many of them as you explore the world or by completing quests.

Another way to obtain them is by using the Warp System. Whether you’re trying to get a specific one through the Light Con Event Warp or just pulling for characters, you’ll end up receiving quite a lot. If you’re still a little stumped on how the Warp System and Banners work, we’ve got a breakdown guide to make it easier.

How to Use Light Cones

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Although they seem like simple equipable items, they do offer a bit more mechanical depth. Each character can have one Light Cone equipped at a time, which can be done on the Character screen.

We highly suggested that you choose one that matches your character’s path. This is the best way to take full advantage of what they have to offer.

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You’re bound to find a lot of different Light Cones or duplicates as you progress. Making use of this are two enhancement methods to increase capability.

Using Level Up

The first option is Level Up, which can be done with special Aether Light Cone EXP Materials or by using up other Light Cones. Doing this will increase how effective their buffs are.

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Using Superimpose

The second option is Superimpose, which specifically requires a duplicate Light Cone. Instead of leveling up the buffs, this will improve the associated Light Cone ability.

As an example from my experience, the Amber Light Cone increases DEF by 16% and then increases it by another 16% when the user’s HP drops below half. Enhancing it through Superimpose one time increases those values to 20%.

This covers all you need to know about how to get and use Light Cones in Honkai Star Rail. Make sure to level these up with your characters, and you’ll have a much better time in every battle. Have more questions on starting HoYoverse’s latest game? We’ve got you covered with log-in error fixes, guides on unlocking all of the free characters, and plenty more in our Honkai Star Rail guides hub.

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