If you want more gacha pulls in Honkai Star Rail, you want more Stellar Jade. Here's how to get it.

Honkai Star Rail: How to Get Stellar Jade

If you want more gacha pulls in Honkai Star Rail, you want more Stellar Jade. Here's how to get it.

Stellar Jade is one of the core currencies of Honkai Star Rail. Its primary use is paying for the Warp gacha pull tickets required to roll for 5-star characters. You’ll also want them to buy Star Rail Special Passes, used to pull from the limited Banners, where the most powerful characters tend to wait. There are tons of ways to get Stellar Jade, but getting a lot of it will take time or money. Our guide has the best ways to get Stellar Jade.

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All of the Ways to Get Stellar Jade in Honkai Star Rail

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There are a few regular sources of Stellar Jade in Honkai: Star Rail:

  • Treasure chests scattered around the world’s dungeons
  • As a reward for completing achievements
  • Quest rewards, with greater amounts awarded for harder or more complex content
  • The first competition of a Simulated Universe world
  • Rewarded at each milestone of the Daily Training task
  • Rewarded for completing parts of the Operational Briefing mission
  • Awarded at the Trailblaze level 25 and 35 Trailblazing Will milestones in the Travel Log
  • And most consistent of all, paying real-world money for Oneiric Shards and converting them to Stellar Jade

The only other way to get Stellar Jade in Honkai Star Rail is by redeeming codes put out by the HoYoverse team every now and again or claiming Twitch Drops when they happen. These bundles usually come with around 100 Jade at a time. It’s nothing near the 1,600 required to buy a full 10 pulls on either the standard or limited banners, I know, but it’s something.

We have a full list of the available Honkai Star Rail codes that we update regularly for your convenience. 

Regardless, if you want the tens of thousands of Stellar Jade required for 90 pulls that guarantee a 5-star entity, you’ll be saving up for a long time. Because Stellar Jade buys both standard and limited Rail Passes, you’ll need to think carefully about where and when you spend it.

This is less of an issue if you plan on spending actual money on Honkai: Star Rail, as you can bypass a lot of the waiting and grinding that way.

And that’s how to get Stellar Jade. If you’re invested in the game, however, sometimes the wait and the additional expenditure can be worth it. For more content about Honkai: Star Rail to help you get going in the game, check out our guides to all the character ultimates and skills, how to unlock dailies, and more in our HSR guides hub.

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