Honkai Star Rail: Warp Banners Explained

Feeling overwhelmed by the Warp system in Honkai Star Rail? Here's everything you need to know about Warp Banners.

Feeling overwhelmed by the Warp system in Honkai Star Rail? Here's everything you need to know about Warp Banners.

Honkai Star Rail has a lot of content available with Warp Banners, which is a familiar concept for players with experience playing gacha games or Genshin Impact specifically. For those who don’t have that experience, I know it can all be quite intimidating. Here’s our breakdown for Warp Banners in Honkai Star Rail.

What are Warp Banners in Honkai Star Rail?

Warp Banners and the Warp system are the gacha elements in Honkai Star Rail. The Banners come in both permanent and limited-time varieties, and they can run at the same time. You use specific Rail Passes to pull (or Warp) for rewards. What you can receive varies between each Banner, but it’ll commonly be either a character or a Light Cone.

What is the Stellar Warp Banner?

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The Stellar Warp is a permanent Banner that requires 1 Star Rail Passes per Warp. It features characters and Light Cones up to 5-star rarity and a 4-star or higher reward is guaranteed for every 10 Warps.

Furthermore, a 5-star character or Light Cone is guaranteed after 90 Warps. When you’re not vying for new characters, this is a good Banner to try out.

What is the Departure Warp Banner?

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The Departure Warp is a special starter Banner that provides a great deal for new players. While it is a permanent Banner in the sense that it has no end date, it will disappear after you have made 50 Warps.

What makes it so enticing is that only eight Star Rail Passes are needed to make 10 Warps and that a 5-star character is guaranteed within 50 Warps. You could get lucky and pull more 5-star characters, but the guarantee of just one makes this well worth trying out, in our opinion.

What are Character Event Banners?

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Next are the Character Event Warps, which are the first type with a time limit. These differ by providing increased drop rates for certain characters, with a new 5-star character headlining it.

A separate Star Rail Special Pass is needed to Warp for these, and every 10 warps guarantee a 4-star or above reward. Once a Banner has ended, a new one will take its place. 

What are Light Cone Banners?

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Light Cone Event Warps are the other limited-time offerings. As expected from the name, these feature increased drop rates for certain Light Cones and an exclusive 5-star as the headliner. 

They also operate similarly to the previous Banner type: they require a Star Rail Special Pass, every 10 Warps guarantee a 4-star reward at minimum, and a new Banner will take its place when time has run out.

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of how Warp Banners work in Honkai Star Rail. For all other related guides, such as how to unlock all of the free characters or how to redeem Twitch Drops, check out and bookmark our growing Honkai Star Rail guide hub.

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