Horizon Forbidden West Firegleam: How to Destroy Red Crystals

Wondering how to destroy the Firegleam red crystals found around the Horizon Forbidden West map? Here's what you need to know about the Igniter.

Wondering how to destroy the Firegleam red crystals found around the Horizon Forbidden West map? Here's what you need to know about the Igniter.

As you make your way across the Horizon Forbidden West map, you’ll come across locations locked behind red crystals with what looks like flowers or fungus growing on them. These are called Firegleam and initially, you won’t be able to destroy them with any of the weapons or gear you have. You’ll need a special item to unravel their secrets. 

This quick Horizon Forbidden West guide will tell you everything you need to know about Firegleam red crystals and how to destroy them.

How to Destroy Firgleam Red Crystals in Horizon Forbidden West

The item you need becomes available during the fifth campaign quest, Death’s Door. Here, you’ll meet up with an old friend (name redacted for spoiler purposes) in your search for GAIA. About a quarter-way through the mission, you’ll arrive at the Latopolis facility, which has a gene-locked door. Behind that, you’ll be met with red crystals, yet another Firegleam blocking your way forward. 

However, your friend has a piece of special Legendary gear that will help you get around the Firegleam: the Igniter. The next steps in Death’s Door will ask you to acquire two materials to craft it. You’ll need x1 Leaplasher Spark Coil and x1 Deepwater Kindle Weed Oil. 

Both of these crafting materials can be found just outside of the facility. Leaplasher are on a berm just southwest of Latopolis. They are weak against Purgewater damage and strong against Shock damage. Deepwater Kindle Weed can be found in the waters along the coastline. Both of these should be highlighted with objective markers.

Once you’ve gathered your crafting materials, head back to the workbench just outside of the facility’s entrance. Scroll down to Special Gear, and craft the Igniter.

How to Use the Igniter to Destroy Red Crystals (Firegleam)

Go back into Latopolis, and approach the red crystals on the door. A prompt will appear telling you to hold R2. Once you do, Aloy will shove her Champion’s Spear into the Firegleam. At this point, you’ll need to run away: the red crystals will ignite and explode.

This same process works everywhere else there are Firegleam red crystals, such as in The Daunt and in the Shining Wastes. Again, just be sure to back far away from them once you use the Igniter; the blast from the red crystals can knock you off ledges and cause fairly significant damage. 

But that’s about all you need to know if you’re wondering how to destroy Firegleam red crystals in Horizon Forbidden West. Most of these obstacles hide valuable loot and crafting materials, so they’re always worth exploding when you come across them. For more tips, consider heading over to our primary HFW guides hub.

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