Having trouble finding Fireclaw Sac Webbing? Here's how to get it in Horizon Forbidden West.

Horizon Forbidden West: How to Get Fireclaw Sac Webbing

Having trouble finding Fireclaw Sac Webbing? Here's how to get it in Horizon Forbidden West.

Fireclaws are the heavy-hitting, high-health, bear-inspired machines in Horizon Forbidden WestThey have a few resources exclusive to them, too, including the Fireclaw Sac Webbing. Here’s where to find Fireclaws, how to get the Fireclaw Sac Webbing, and what it’s used for in Horizon Forbidden West.

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Where to Find Fireclaws for Fireclaw Sac Webbing

There are two locations where you can easily find Fireclaws in HFW. Both of the sites are located somewhat close to each other on the map making farming them easier.

  • The easiest area to locate is directly to the East of Thornmarsh.
  • The second is a bit southeast of the first site.

You’ll want to make sure that you don’t run toward the other site if you’re looking to escape since you’ll end up with another Fireclaw chasing after you.

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How to Salvage Fireclaw Sac Webbing

To salvage the Sac Webbing from a Fireclaw, you’ll need to kill it without setting it ablaze or puncturing the Blaze Unit on its chest.

The best tools for this are Sharpshot Bows with Strikethrough Arrows. These arrows won’t puncture the Blaze Unit and set the Fireclaw on fire. With a range of abilities that let it keep up the heat, you’ll want to stay as far away and as hidden as possible, hence the choice of Sharpshot Bows.

Possible Sharpshot Bows to use: 

  • Piercing Sharpshot Bow
  • Delta Sharpshot Bow
  • Regalla’s Wrath
  • Gravesinger’s Lament
  • Blacktide Sharpshot Bow (Burning Shores DLC pre-order bonus)

If you have the Burning Shores DLC and have completed it, you can use the upgraded Railgun mode for the Spectre Gauntlet. The Railgun projectile does the same as the Strikethrough Arrows: they go right through enemies. If you overcharge the Spectre Gauntlet, however, it’ll overheat and won’t be able to fire for a short time. 

Once the Fireclaw is dead, go loot its body to obtain the Sac Webbing.

Fireclaw Sac Webbing Uses

Once you have Sac Webbing in your inventory, head to a workshop to apply any upgrades you may want it for.  

Outfit Upgrades

All the following outfit upgrades are Level Four and require Fireclaw Sac Webbing x2.

  • Carja Stalker Elite
  • Oseram Artificer
  • Tenakth Tactician
  • Utaru Winterweave
Weapon Upgrades

There are a variety of weapons that require Fireclaw Sac Webbing x2 for their Level 4 upgrades. Only the Ancestor’s Ruin has different requirements. 

  • The Blast Forge
  • Brawlbreaker
  • Carja’s Bane
  • Death-Seeker’s Shadow
  • Legacy’s Reach
  • Rain of Sparks
  • The Skykiller
  • The Sun Scourge
  • Wings of the Ten
  • Ancestor’s Return: Level 3 Upgrade; Fireclaw Sac Webbing x3.

If you’re getting the Fireclaw Sac Webbing for the Override, you’ll need to gather two of them before you head to Base and use the Fabrication Terminal.

That’s all you’ll need to find, obtain and use Fireclaw Sac Webbing in HFW. Dealing with Fireclaws can be tricky, but staying at a distance and using strikethrough arrows will allow the Blaze Unit to stay intact. For more farming guides, where to find Relics, or how to start the Burning Shores DLC, head to our Horizon Forbidden West guides hub.

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