How Big Can Party Size be in Skull and Bones?

Being able to pirate up with friends is a major draw in Skull and Bones. So how many players can be in a single party?

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Sailing the open seas can be a lonely life for a pirate. While your crew can spin a song and spot booty, playing with your friends takes this pirate’s tale to another level, opening up new avenues for emergent gameplay and cooperation. Here’s how big your party size can be in Skull and Bones.

What is the Max Party Size in Skull and Bones?

The max party size in Skull and Bones is three. If you have cross-play enabled, those three players can be from any platform, whether it’s PC, PlayStation, or Xbox. You can invite friends by entering their name in the Social menu, or getting close to them on the high seas and grouping up. You’re able to change who can ask you to group in this menu, as well.

Three is the new number when it comes to multiplayer games. Initially popularized with Destiny, many games use it for team-based modes. This poses a problem for those who are used to a team max of four, which is the max party size in something like Helldivers 2. Unfortunately, someone will have to be the odd player out and hope they end up on the same server as their friends.

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Is it Possible to Add More Than Three Players to a Party?

Unfortunately, you can’t add more than three players to a party. A potential “workaround” — though not nearly an ideal one — is to invite a friend to the group so they’re pulled to the server. Once everyone is in the lobby, one person leaves to open up the last slot for the last friend. Using outside communication, such as Discord, you can still travel as a pack. Everyone will be on the same server and able to pillage, plunder, and level up together, even if not in the same party.

What is the Max Server Size in Skull and Bones?

While you can only have co-op groups of three, there can be up to 20 players on a server. It may seem like there are fewer players on a server if you don’t have cross-play enabled. With this feature turned off, you’ll only see people on the same platform as you.

When passing friendly pirate ships, you can take the opportunity to group up. This can aid in taking on some of the harder objectives in the game. You’ll be able to interact with other players, too, and can coordinate with those in the area if you don’t want to join a party.

That’s how big a party size that you can have in Skull and Bones. If you’re looking to become the king of the seas, check out our guides page. It has treasure map walkthroughs, best commodities to sell, and other game how-to’s.

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