How Big is the Enshrouded Map Size? World Size Detailed

How big is Enshrouded's map size? Let's take a look.

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Enshrouded offers a more traditional RPG-style open-world survival experience. With it comes a massive world to explore and forge your own path within. In this guide, I’ll tell you how big the Enshrouded map size is. I’ll also cover what you can expect down the line.

Enshrouded Map Size Details: Early Access to Full Release Map Growth

If you played the Enshrouded beta or demo, you might remember the relatively small size of the map. During the beta, the map’s total size was just a single kilometer squared. Things have changed with the Early Access release, though. Developer Keen Games hase upped the ante with the initial public release. The map is now a very sizable 24 kilometers squared (9 miles squared).

For comparison, Cyberpunk 2077‘s full map was 24 kilometers squared, as well. That includes all that water off to the west — the playable portions of the map were sizable enough. Other notable maps for comparison are Skyrim‘s, clocking in at just over 28 kilometers squared. Los Santos from Grand Theft Auto 5 has around 81 square kilometers of traversable land.

The above comparisons might not seem too favorable for Enshrouded, but no one needs a survival game where the map is as big as GTA5‘s. Do they? Well, maybe. And Enshrouded‘s is only going to get bigger once it’s out of Early Access.

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How Big Will the Enshrouded Map Be at Full Release?

Keen Games has distinct plans for growing Enshrouded‘s map. They plan to enlarge it to 64 square kilometers in full. That’s a number most of us can get behind. It’s absolutely massive for a survival game where you spend a fair amount of time on foot.

Besides the very large size of its full-release map, Enshrouded‘s map is fully handcrafted rather than procedurally generated. With so many developers going the procedural route to save on development time and costs, it’s refreshing to have a few carefully developed ones coming out in 2024. I prefer my game worlds have some genuine thought put toward their layout.

That’s all you need to know about Enshrouded‘s map size. It’s not every day that we see a game’s map size actually grow from Early Access to full release. Check out more of our guides on the game here on GameSkinny.

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