How Big Will the Starfield Map Size Be?

Starfield is looking like one of the most massive games we've seen yet.

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Lots of gamer hopes and dreams ride on the quality of Starfield, and for good reason since it’s the first new Bethesda-developed RPG universe in decades. In this case, it’s not quite a universe — it’s a whole galaxy. To say a galaxy is big is an understatement, but the game promises a whole galaxy and its contained worlds to play with. Whatever the Starfield map size will be is sure to be overwhelmingly massive.

How Big Will the Starfield Map Size Be?

  • Starfield will include over 100 star systems, and span over 1000 planets.
  • Skyrim‘s map size was 15 square miles, Starfield’s map size is bound to be overall much larger.

The natural comparison for many is to compare the size of old to new, the obvious sample to compare being Skyrim. Skyrim‘s map is large, 15 square miles is nothing to scoff at. Without cheats and walking by foot, it takes around three hours to go from one side of the map to the other. That’s a big map, but by the sound of things, it’s dwarfed by the scope we’ll see in Starfield.

There’s tons of speculation floating around right now about just how big the game will be, with Reddit threads and Discord servers surrounding the game bustling with theory crafting and trying to sift through the footage. There aren’t any steadfast gauges for measurement, though, so it’s all speculation as it stands.

All anyone can agree on is that the Starfield map size is going to be massive between its over 1000 planet size, and that doesn’t even include their moons or other orbiters (if applicable). Starfield is slated for release on September 6 on PC, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X. The game will have a five-day headstart for those who decide to buy the Premium Edition or Constellation Edition.

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