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How Character Customization Works in Redfall

Here's how to customize your characters' looks in Redfall.

Redfall features an assortment of outfits for your vampire hunters to try on and display, which can range from new T-shirts to full-coverage fursuits. There are also weapon skins to unlock and throw on your death dealers. Here’s how the customization system works in Redfall.

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Playing Dress-Up with Custom Outfits and Weapon Skins in Redfall

At the start of your run through Redfall, all four playable characters have access to their four-part “Iconic” starter design, which has three parts for customization: Head, Body, and Backpack. If you got the Bite Back Edition of Redfall, you’ll start the game with a second bonus outfit that’s unique to your character.

There’s also weapon customization. You can kit out generic weapons in your arsenal with custom skins and, on occasion, custom stakes. Unique weapons (i.e. Grim Fate, which all characters receive as a reward for clearing the story mission “Dead in the Water”) have an equally unique model and cannot be reskinned.

How to Unlock New Outfits

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In general, new outfit pieces are received as rewards from side missions or collectible hunting. You also receive one full new outfit as a reward for placing an Underboss Skull on one of the hidden pedestals near Redfall Commons.

Underbosses are named vampires who you can find and kill as part of the mission chain that’s attached to each safehouse. On the Redfall Commons map, there are 5 safehouses, one for each district, and 5 matching Underbosses. Three of their Skulls are required to take on the last Redfall Commons main mission, so if you clear out the whole map, you’ll have two left over for outfit-hunting.

Those two pedestals can be found in the cavern underneath the Island Crash Site in Shadetree Heights and on the east-facing cliffs near the giant dead tree in Heritage Rock. Placing a Skull on either will award you a new full outfit for your current character, such as Remi’s Cool ‘n’ Collected (above).

How to Unlock New Weapon Skins

Many of the weapon skins, on the other hand, seem to be random drops from various containers. I’ve gotten the bulk of my weapon skins so far by looting them from Corpses of the Lost inside vampire nests. Defeating one of the Vampire Gods also awards you a new weapon skin that’s themed after that god’s particular aesthetic.

How to Change Outfits and Weapon Skins in Redfall

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Once you’ve got a new outfit to try on or skin to apply, you can equip it from the status screen at any time using the Customize command. Trying on a whole Outfit puts on every piece of a matched set at once, or you can mix-and-match with Head and Body.

Your new customized look will replace your default appearance in both multiplayer and story cutscenes.

That’s most of what you need to know about character customization, outfits, and weapon skins in Redfall. For more useful information about Arkane’s new co-op vampire hunter, check out our dedicated guides hub.

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