How Do You Delete Sims in The Sims Mobile? You Kinda Don’t

You may be wondering how to delete Sims in The Sims Mobile, but it requires you retire a sim.

You may be wondering how to delete Sims in The Sims Mobile, but it requires you retire a sim.

Having a few Sims sounds pretty great in concept. You get to play The Sims Mobile for longer than you would with just one character and rack up more money to buy things, which is a definite plus. But what if you’re tired of a Sim and just want to make a new one?

Of all the features in the game, this is the most perplexing. The game prompts you to create new Sims as soon as you can, and you can’t back out once you tap on the big icon at the bottom to create a new one. You are stuck in the creation process whether you like it or not.

The above doesn’t sound too bad if you are comfortable with deleting your Sims, but … the game won’t let you delete sims. That’s the real answer if you’re looking for how to delete a Sim, because EA is refusing to address it directly on the forums.

There is no actual way to delete Sims you’ve created. Even if you made your second Sim in haste because the game prompted you to, you’re still stuck with that Sim for a while.

There is one way to toss a Sim from your playable family, and that is via retirement.

How to retire a Sim

Your Sim must reach level 16 before they will bring up retirement. Level 16 is a lot of time with that one Sim you probably are tired of looking at.

When a Sim reaches retirement age, you can choose to let it retire and receive an heirloom for your home. Heirlooms have a number of benefits to help bolster your future generations, ranging from granting new traits to helping with career progression.

A Sim doesn’t disappear once retired, but it does stop living in your home. It will still be in the neighborhood and can mentor younger Sims; you just won’t have to control it or deal with it if you don’t feel like it.

The answer to the question is this: You don’t delete Sims in The Sims Mobile. You play them until you’re tired of them, then you push them out of your house for rewards. That’s not too bad!

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