Balatro Misprint Joker
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How Does Balatro’s Misprint Joker Work?

This Joker works very misteriously.

Balatro is an indie scene gem, with tens of thousands of players actively grinding this twisted version of Poker. Jokers are one of the key mechanics in the game, and if you’ve encountered the Misprint Joker, you might be confused about what it does. Keep reading, and I’ll show you how Misprint works.

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Balatro’s Misprint Joker Explained

How to Get Misprint Joker in Balatro

The Misprint Joker is available in Balatro by default. You can get it at random throughout your runs using the regular means you usually use to get Jokers. Just be patient; eventually, it will be there for the party.

When you do get it, you will notice that this Joker is glitching out, constantly changing its text and values. This makes the function of the Misprint Joker pretty unclear to many players, but I’ve managed to test the card and establish what it does.

Misprint Joker’s Card Text in Balatro Explained

For each hand you play, Misprint Joker will “calculate” a different “Mult” (multiplier) value. The values range between 0 and +23. Originally, it was going into negative values as well, but luckily, the developer has changed it so that it does not negatively impact your runs.

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I have played with the Misprint Joker in quite a few runs, so I have some experience to share with you all. A bit of trivia: Misprints in Trading Card Games (TCGs) can be worth more than their “normal” counterparts, and indeed, I’ve seen quite a few ones in my lifetime. Imagine a Yu-Gi-Oh! or Magic: the Gathering card with an additional zero for its Attack power?

How Good is Misprint Joker in Balatro?

I think the Misprint Joker is a brilliant Joker to pick up, especially in the early phases of your Balatro runs. During the late game, you can always swap it out for another less random Joker. Just know that you cannot rely on it to carry your hand values. If a good roll happens, it happens.

That’s all I’ve got on this random Joker that I’m sure you will enjoy quite a few times. If you are up for more Balatro stuff, check out how to use two Jokers to make a pair worth 10,000 coins and how to beat the Arm Boss Blind in Balatro.

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