Here's what you need to know about multiplayer co-op in Wartales.

How Does Wartales Co-op Work?

Here's what you need to know about multiplayer co-op in Wartales.

Co-op mode allows you to brave the brutal lands of Wartales with up to three others. Splitting the duties, you’ll be able to quest and fight together, as well as complete the co-op exclusive achievements. How does Wartales co-op actually work, though? These are all the details you need to play seamlessly with friends. 

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How to Do Wartales Co-op

Your co-op adventure will have to start with a fresh save, so you won’t be bringing a friend into your current campaign. You’ll need to decide who is doing what role in the troop attacker wise as well as who’s taking care of the Pony. You’ll have your own inventories, but everything else is shared between the party.

From the starting troop screen you’ll be able to explore the area independently, to a certain degree. You have limited range when it comes to being away from the others, but can gather resources or inspect something on your own. If you encounter enemies, you’ll each have control of your companion during the battle. Since any companion can move during your action, you’ll need to decide who moves when and who attacks what. 

In Camp, things get a wee bit more complicated.

As in single player mode, only one companion can be assigned to a Camp tool, such as the Cooking Pot or Strategy Table. This remains the same in multiplayer. You’ll need to work together to decide who does what in the camp, as well as who has what Profession. 

There will also be a chest that anyone can put items into. This will store them, but can be used to trade items and share inventory between the party. 

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Along with that, each of you is able to lead the troop as Captain, but only one can be given the title. You’ll have to figure out who should be in charge, as well as the other roles as they come up in game. 

Most of multiplayer revolves around communication. It can be fun and challenging to play with your friends, but having a way to communicate, whether through voice or text, is going to be essential to having a smooth experience. With that, you now know how Wartales co-op works. For more help and advice, take a look at our other Wartales guides.

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