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How to Get Sea, River, and Cave Jelly in Stardew Valley 1.6

Gathering Sea Jelly, River Jelly, and Cave Jelly are new activities in Stardew Valley 1.6.

Three new types of jellies are available to find in Pelican Town after Stardew Valley’s 1.6 update. These aren’t made in a Preserve Jar from fruit, though. They’re wild and found in the environment. This is how to get Sea, River, and Cave Jelly in Stardew Valley 1.6.

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How to Obtain Sea Jelly, River Jelly, and Cave Jelly

Each wild jelly is found in the area related to its name. River Jelly is found in the rivers and lakes around Pelican Town. Sea Jelly is found in the ocean, and Cave Jelly is found in the mines at levels 20, 60, and 100. In these areas you want to go fishing, hoping that you’ll get the corresponding jelly instead of trash.

Character catching Sea Jelly at night off the docks.
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You can catch any of the jellies with a Bamboo Rod and higher, at any time and during any season. The main factor affecting how often you’ll reel them in is your Luck stat. The higher your Luck, the better your chances of getting a wild jelly instead of trash.

If you’d rather have a consistent source of wild jellies, all three can be produced by specific fish when grown in the Fish Pond. The Lava Eel produces Cave Jelly at population eight, Flounder produces Sea Jelly starting at population seven, and Midnight Carp produces River Jelly at population seven. These aren’t always guaranteed, as other items can drop, but they’re a possibility.

First time catching Cave Jelly at Mine level 20.
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Uses for Sea, River, and Cave Jelly in Stardew Valley 1.6

Each wild jelly is consumable on its own, providing 75 Energy and 33 Health. They all grant you a different buff that lasts seven minutes, however. We’ve listed these below:

  • Sea Jelly: +1 to Fishing
  • River Jelly: Increases Energy by 30
  • Cave Jelly: Increases your Luck by 1

All three wild jellies are also needed to craft the Fish Smoker. You can obtain the recipe from Wally’s shop for 10,000 gold. To craft it, you need x10 Hardwood, x1 Sea Jelly, x1 River Jelly, and x1 Cave Jelly. Fish placed inside it are smoked, doubling their value while maintaining their star quality.

River Jelly in inventory with item description showing.
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Sea Jelly is also required to complete one of the reworked Fish Pond quests. The second Fish Pond expansion request for Flounder needs x1 Sea Jelly. This increases the max limit of Flounder from five to 10.

That’s how to get Sea, River, and Cave Jelly in Stardew Valley 1.6. The update added more than new items, such as the Meadowland Farm and skill mastery. If you need help with the new features, check out our complete guide hub for all your needs.

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