How Long is Forspoken? Total Game Length and Playtime Explained

Time doesn't stop for Frey. Here's how long Forspoken is.

Time doesn't stop for Frey. Here's how long Forspoken is.

As the first proper retail release under the Luminous Productions label, you may have questions about Forspoken, such as how long it is. After all, it’s an RPG, which is typically a genre associated with long lengths, long playtimes, and tons of content to keep you entertained for hours. With that said, since RPG playtimes can vary dramatically from game to game, developer to developer, where does Forspoken fit on the spectrum? 

How Long is Forspoken? — Answered

How long Forspoken takes to beat depends entirely upon how you play the game. At a bare minimum, you can expect to beat Forspoken in around 20 hours. This length only accounts for mainlining the story quests, with little or no attention paid to side content. As a critical path run, it comes up shorter than similar games like Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla or even Ghost of Tsushima.

Of course, this playtime can be extended depending on what you interact with. If you don’t make a beeline toward the end (and skip every cutscene along the way), it will take longer. You’ll likely toy around with the map icons, events, and detours. With a healthy mix of side content, Forspoken will last between 25 and 30 hours

What about completionists? While the bare minimum and average playtime are short by genre standards, completionist runs take much longer. Anyone hoping to complete all side content could spend upwards of 50 hours or more playing Forspoken. This estimate accounts for every single piece of content you can engage with, no matter how small. That includes each chest dotted across the map and every major foe roaming Athia or guarding loot.

Now that you know how long Forspoken is and the rough amount of playtime you can expect, head over to our review to learn more about the latest game from Square Enix.

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