It's time to write an ending to the Mishima feud but how long will it take you to play through?

How Many Chapters are in Tekken 7?

It's time to write an ending to the Mishima feud but how long will it take you to play through?

The name Tekken has been synonymous with fighting games for over two decades and yesterday, June 2nd, 2017, marked the arrival of the next installment Tekken 7. Developed by Bandai Namco Entertainment, this new game sets about bringing to an end the 20-year family feud between Kazuya and Heihachi Mishima. The main storyline in this climactic finalé consists of 14 chapters, a prologue, an epilogue plus a special chapter which becomes available after the end credits.

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There is a handful of achievements to be had from completing the story but you do not get rewarded with one for completing every chapter:

  • You Think You’re Tougher Than Me? – awarded for completing the prologue
  • Let’s Do This – awarded for completing chapter 1
  • You Challenge Me?! – awarded for completing chapter 8
  • I Can’t Accept This Fate – awarded for completing chapter 13
  • It’s Time For You to Meet Your End – awarded for watching the epilogue

The main story is estimated to take approximately 2 hours to complete if you sit and watch all the cutscenes. You can reduce the time to complete by skipping the cutscenes and having it on the easiest difficulty.

Azuka vs. Alisa

But just when you think you have completed the game, you still have plenty of hours gameplay left as there are character episodes as well. These unlock upon completing the story and there are 28 of them. They won’t take up much of your time as these episodes consist of an intro, the main fight, and an end cutscene. If you are an achievement hunter, there are only 2 achievements linked to character episodes and you only need to play through 10 of them.

Shaheen vs. Claudio

After you have completed all the story chapters and character episodes, do not despair as there are still many hours of gameplay left. Even though great care has been taken to craft a fitting story for this final chapter, you mustn’t forget that Tekken 7 is foremostly a multiplayer so once you have perfected all the moves offline you should jump online and test your skills against other players around the world or even just with friends!

Is Tekken 7 bringing back lots of memories from previous games in the series? How do you like the new story? Join in the discussion below and remember to check back to GameSkinny for other Tekken 7 news, tips and reviews!

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