How Many Chapters are in Uncharted 4? Answered

Want to know how many chapters are in Uncharted 4? Here's the complete list.

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Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is the longest game in the series, coming in at almost twice as long as its predecessor. And it can take even longer to do everything in the game. We all know life can get busy and make it hard to play some of your favorite games. So, if you want to start Drake’s most recent adventure or are in the middle of playing it and want to know how much longer you have to go, you may be asking yourself: How many chapters are in Uncharted 4

How Many Chapters are in Uncharted 4? Answered

All Uncharted games have a similar number of chapters, usually settling around roughly 22 chapters. By that same coin, Uncharted 4 has 22 chapters that make up its main story. However, there are two additional chapters if you include the Prologue and Epilogue, for a total of 24. Here’s a list of every chapter. Don’t worry: this list won’t spoil the story.

  • Prologue 
  • Chapter 1: The Lure of Adventure 
  • Chapter 2: Infernal Place 
  • Chapter 3: The Malaysia Job 
  • Chapter 4: A Normal Life 
  • Chapter 5: Hector Alcazar 
  • Chapter 6: Once a Thief 
  • Chapter 7: Lights Out 
  • Chapter 8: The Grave of Henry Avery 
  • Chapter 9: Those Who Prove Worthy 
  • Chapter 10: The Twelve Towers 
  • Chapter 11: Hidden in Plain Sight 
  • Chapter 12: At Sea 
  • Chapter 13: Marooned 
  • Chapter 14: Join Me in Paradise 
  • Chapter 15: The Thieves of Libertalia 
  • Chapter 16: The Brothers Drake
  • Chapter 17: For Better or Worse 
  • Chapter 18: New Devon 
  • Chapter 19: Avery’s Descent 
  • Chapter 20: No Escape 
  • Chapter 21: Brother’s Keeper 
  • Chapter 22: A Thief’s End 
  • Epilogue 

Even though Uncharted 4 has a similar amount of chapters to previous titles, it will take you around ~15 hours to beat the game’s story and around 25-30 hours to find all the collectibles, trophies, and Easter eggs. You can also replay all 24 chapters once you beat the game to experience your favorite moments again. 

So, if you were ever wondering: How many chapters are in Uncharted 4? There are 24 in total! Though it’s Drake’s longest adventure, it’s not as long as the second game in Naughty Dog’s other franchise. The Last of Us Part 2 takes about 25 hours to mainline the campaign — and it has a whopping 46 chapters.

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