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How Many Levels Are in Escape the Backrooms? Answered

Follow our quick guide if you want to know how many levels there are in Escape the Backrooms.

There are so many levels in Escape the Backrooms, a cooperative survival horror that puts players in some really bizarre environments. But the game never tells you how many levels there are or if there’s even an end to it all. The short answer is: Yes, there is an end! If you want to know more, then follow our guide that answers the question: How many levels are in Escape the Backrooms?

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How Many Levels Are in Escape the Backrooms?

Each level in Escape the Backrooms is a mystery leading into it, even with their names listed out. You have to figure out the gimmick, and what to do with the items you’re given in the situation you’re thrust into. There are 22 levels in Escape the Backrooms, plus The End level, which is only the end for now. Here’s a list of the levels in Escape the Backrooms, mostly in the order you’ll encounter them, with some variances based on choices:

  • Level 0: The Lobby
  • Level 1: The Habitable Zone
  • Level 2: Pipe Dreams
  • Level 3: Electrical Station
  • Level 4: Abandoned Office
  • Level 5: Terror Hotel
  • Level Fun
  • Level 37: Sublimity
  • Level! Run for your Life!
  • The End
  • Level 9223372036854775807: The Escherian Stairwell
  • Level 94: Motion
  • Level 6: Lights Out
  • Level 7: Thalassophobia
  • Level 8: Cave System
  • Level 0.2: Remodeled Mess (smaller version)
  • The Manila Room
  • Level 0.11: Water Damage
  • Level 188: Courtyard of Windows
  • Level 9: Darkened Suburbs
  • The Abandoned Outpost
  • Level 10: The Bumper Crop
  • Level 3999: The True Ending

There are a handful of sub-levels you may run into during your time running from entities through the Backrooms, but these are under development and incomplete at the time of writing. The developer also has a few more levels in the pipeline that will be added to the game in the near future. Here are the ones that have been confirmed for a future release:

  • Level 0.1: The Danger Zone
  • Level 6.1: The Snackrooms
  • Level -33.5
  • Level 974: Kitty’s House

Hopefully, our guide answered your question: How many levels are in Escape the Backrooms? Stay tuned for more Escape the Backrooms tips and tricks articles right here!

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