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How Many Missions Are in Ready or Not? Answered

Ready or Not is packed with more than enough missions to take on, and its passionate mod community promises more.

The missions you take on with your SWAT team in RON are by no means easy. You’ll be wiping and repeatedly trying to clear most of them more than a few times, and there’s no lack of content packed into the game. Let’s go into how many missions are in Ready or Not.

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How Many Missions are Available in Ready or Not? Detailed

Right out of the box, Ready or Not features 18 missions to play through. Each one has its own objectives and is on its own map. So you won’t be looking at the same buildings from one mission to the next, thank goodness. Even better is that the mod community is hard at work putting out custom missions.

How to Unlock and Play More Missions in Ready or Not

When you’re playing Ready or Not solo with an AI squad, you unlock new missions as you complete them. So you complete one mission, the next one unlocks, and so on. In multiplayer, you don’t have this restriction. You can choose any mission to play in multiplayer, regardless of how new you are to the game. So even if you join a SWAT team that’s been playing for a while, their mission selection won’t be restricted to your solo progression.

Another boon is that the mod community has been porting several maps from SWAT 4 to Ready or Not, along with unique maps. They’re available for download right within the client, and add even more variety to what’s already a fairly content-heavy shooter. Both the mod missions and ones built into the game are intense, and well-worth playing.

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The Complete Ready or Not Mission List

Just for a frame of reference, these are the 18 missions you can take on in both solo and multiplayer in Ready or Not. Though, of course, you can get many more via community downloads.

  1. Thank You, Come Again
  2. 23 Megabytes a Second
  3. Twisted Nerve
  4. The Spider
  5. A Lethal Obsession
  6. Ides of March
  7. Sinuous Trail
  8. Ends of the Earth
  9. Greased Palms
  10. Valley of the Dolls
  11. Elephant
  12. Rust Belt
  13. Sins of the Father
  14. Neon Tomb
  15. Buy Cheap, Buy Twice
  16. Carriers of the Vine
  17. Relapse
  18. Hide and Seek

And that’s how many missions are in Ready or Not, aside from the near-infinite number of mod missions that are currently and will continue to be added to the game as we march into 2024. Check out more of our RON guides here on GameSkinny.

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