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How Many People Can Play Ready or Not? Player Cap and More Players Mod Detailed

The Ready or Not player cap is generous, but there's a mod to increase how play players can join, too.

To say RON is difficult would be an understatement, but it gets easier to manage with multiple players. I’ll go over how many players can play Ready or Not in this guide, and touch on a more players mod.

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How Many People Can Play Ready or Not Co-op, and

If you haven’t taken the dive into the game yet, maybe you’re waiting on a sale or aren’t sure whether it’s for you. You might not know just how big modding is among the Ready or Not community. It’s easy to mod, and you can do so right from the client. So while the game does have a relatively low player cap by default, it’s very easy to mod it to raise the maximum players you can have in a lobby.

With that said, the default player cap in Ready or Not is five. Each of you can build your own loadout in the Los Suenos police station and head out. Five players is enough slots for a lot of friend groups, but if yours is on the larger end, you don’t have to stick to the vanilla game cap.

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How to Get the Six or More Players Mod for Ready or Not

You have three main options to download this mod. Two are pretty much the same thing and require you to make an account, and the third is on the Nexus.

Right in the Ready or Not client, at the main menu, you can access the same mod listing as found on mod.io, which is the official host for the game’s mods. You’ll need a mod.io account to install mods both inside the game client and from the mod.io website. Alternatively, there is a Ready or Not section on Nexus Mods, if you don’t want to make another account. Both mod builds are identical and updated on both.

Regardless of which way to decide to get the mod, you’re looking for one called In Game Menu, which adds a ton of lobby functionality and increases the player cap to 16 squad members.

The more players you can get, the better in this tactical FPS. If you’re diving right in with player limit mods, though, you might want to check out some more gameplay-impacting mods like No crack for AI or GUNPOWDAH for a more reasonable AI experience and more realism.

Now that you know how many people can play Ready or Not co-op, maybe you can get your friend group to agree to bite the proverbial bullet on the best tactical shooter of 2023. It’s more than worth it, and even possible to play solo. Check out more of our upcoming guides on RON here on GameSkinny

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