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How Old is Lingyang in Wuthering Waves? Answered

If you're wondering how old Lingyang is in Wuthering Waves, you might be surprised.

Wuthering Waves character designs usually tend to revolve around the aesthetic of cute, adorable, and wholesome characters. With Lingyang’s younger-looking character design, players are wondering how old Lingyang is in Wuthering Waves.

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Wuthering Waves: How Old is Lingyang?

The secret to Lingyang’s backstory, age, and his true nature are all discovered in his companion quest which is one of the first ones you’ll get. That said, I have to give a spoiler warning since everything below is spoiler territory if you want to experience the quest for yourself. Essentially, Lingyang isn’t actually human and is much older than his appearance would suggest.

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Lingyang used to be a beast that was born on August 8 in Huanglong. Throughout his quest, you learn that he has lived most of his life as a wild animal and is the last of his kind. His species eventually went extinct, losing their Forte powers and vitality much more quickly than humans due to their primal instinct. 

Therefore, due to incredible loneliness, Lingyang shed his animal skin, claws, and bestial form to become human-like. This allowed him to enter human societies and join the Liondance Troupe, which you get to meet throughout Wuthering Waves. This suggests that Lingyang is much older than he looks, perhaps in his twenties or more

With that in mind, all of these story beats and ideas are beautifully explored in his companion quest. There, you get to see how Lingyang feels, thinks, and acts based on his backstory and what he strives for in life. I highly recommend playing through it once you unlock it after the first few main quests.

So, to summarize, if you’re wondering how old Lingyang is in Wuthering Waves, he’s much older than he looks because he used to be a beast. Check out our Wuthering Waves hub for more articles, like how to level up fast.

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