Head deep below the Citadel and face the challenges there with this guide to accessing the Depths of the Forgotten DLC in Eldest Souls.

How to Access Eldest Souls’ Depths of the Forgotten DLC

Head deep below the Citadel and face the challenges there with this guide to accessing the Depths of the Forgotten DLC in Eldest Souls.

Accessing the Depths of the Forsaken in Eldest Souls is a fun nod to how mainline Souls games release their DLC. You find an item in a central location and then explore the world to find your way into the new content.

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Eldest Souls isn’t the biggest game and isn’t too complex to explore, but the entrance to the Depths of the Forgotten is hidden well enough without being buried behind arcane requirements.

How How to Access the Depths of the Forgotten DLC in Eldest Souls

You’ll need to defeat four of Eldest Souls’ eight bosses to even have access to the door leading to the Depths of the Forgotten DLC. After beating The Watchdog, The Guardian, Eos, God of Unity, and Azikel, God of Light, head through the previously barred gate into the castle.

To the right of the statue of the last king will be a new shiny item near some broken boxes. This is the Elevator Ignition Key.

It looks like no other item in the game, and its description specifically mentions “clockwork” mechanisms. It’s odd because the world of base Eldest Souls has no clockwork or anything.

There is, however, a door in the northwestern-most part of the Everforest that previously could not be opened. Approach it, and there will now be a button prompt that opens a menu asking if you want to use the Elevator Ignition Key. Say “Yes,” and proceed into the small room beyond.

In the dark chamber beyond the forest door is an elevator. Take it down to a place called the Sea Below. Walk to the right to find a rowboat leading north. Take the boat across the water, and you’ll end up in a large hub area called Moonlight’s End. There’s a practice dummy to your right, an unusable portal gate to the north, and a doorway shining with purple light to your left.

Beyond the doorway is another elevator, this time leading into the Forsaken Depths.

You’ll meet Orenai, the Watcher in the elevator room, and it will give you some background on what you should expect. Take the elevator down to the first lower floor, then head north up the staircase to reach the first and best boss in the DLC, Zylad, Lord of Steel.

As you defeat bosses, you’ll take the elevator down to lower and lower levels, culminating in The Rotting Crown area adorned with the bones of those who came before you. Once you complete all three boss fights, you’ve completed the Depths of the Forgotten DLC, as the portal gate remains dormant despite your efforts. Find out more about the DLC in our review of Eldest Souls, Depths of the Forgotten.

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