Can't stop dying at the silver moon? Learn how to get past it and unlock the Nuke Space Monster achievement.

How to Advance Past the Silver Moon in Full of Stars

Can't stop dying at the silver moon? Learn how to get past it and unlock the Nuke Space Monster achievement.
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The silver moon — or “mysterious moon,” as its location is named on the map — is a difficult obstacle in the space flight game Full of Stars. It can be found in the Explorer story mode.

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Many players are frustrated with how they are repeatedly eaten by this monster, causing the death of their entire crew and forcing them to restart the game.

Enough is enough. Here’s how to get past this moon monster:

How to Escape the Silver Moon in Full of Stars

To avoid getting eaten, you need to destroy the creature with a bomb. You first need to pick up the bomb, and then deliver it to its final destination. 

Obtaining the Bomb
  1. Starting from the Star Temple, travel to the military base
  2. Once there, you’ll be challenged by a sentry. The password is Beauty.
  3. Decide to meet with him.
  4. When asked if you’re here to take the beauty, say yes.
    1. This decision will cost you 10 leadership points.
  5. The beauty is a nuclear bomb. You’ll take it aboard your ship.
Using the Bomb on the Moon
  1. Upon arrival at the moon, decide to follow the beacon.
  2. Approach the satellite.
  3. The creature will attempt to swallow you. Nuke it up with the bomb.

After the bomb saves you, you’ll be rewarded with idium crystals and the Nuke Space Monster achievement. Now you can move on to your next location: the edge of the galaxy. That location will lead you to Heaven’s Gate. Sound familiar? It should. 

For more help with this fun little mobile game, check out our other Full of Stars guides, and stay tuned to GameSkinny. Happy exploring!

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