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How to Appeal a Ban in The Finals: TFLA004 Error Fix

Several players got hit with false bans in The Finals last night. Here's how to appeal your ban if you're getting error TFLA004.

Some players are running into actual errors in The Finals, but one simply indicates a ban. Unfortunately, it seems a large number of legitimate players have been hit with an auto-ban wave. Here’s how to appeal your ban if you got the TFLA004 error despite not cheating.

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How to Fix the TFLA004 Error in The Finals: Ban Appeal

While this ban wave proccing the TFLA004 error almost certainly caught some cheaters in The Finals, it also impacted a lot of legitimate players. The game has a cheating problem, but it’s possible the devs have gone a bit too far with this ban wave.

Embark Studios will most likely sort out some of the false bans in the coming days, but you might be able to expedite the process. Plus, there’s no saying they’ll fix every false ban. You’ll need to get in touch with them to make sure your account will be reinstated.

How to Appeal a Ban in The Finals

If you’ve been hit with a false ban and are getting error TFLA004 in The Finals, contact their support and try to appeal your ban. There’s no way to do this in the game client, so you’ll have to head to the official support website. At the bottom right of the support page is a red chat bubble icon. You’ll need to click the support chat button to get started.

  1. The automated support chat will ask whether you’re trying to appeal a Discord ban or in-game ban. Choose in-game.
  2. The list of articles the chatbot will present with this option are useless for appealing a ban, so you’ll want to choose “No, I need to talk to someone.”
  3. It will ask for your name and email address, and then you’ll get three options. Choose “Error message appeared saying the account is banned,” after which it will ask for a screenshot.
  4. Upload a screenshot of your TLFA004 error, and it will ask for your linked email address, platform, and related usernames.
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Once you’ve done all this, you’ll have to wait for a support email from Embark Studios. It will be at least a couple days until your account is reinstated, based on what I’ve read on Steam and the email response a friend got. I’m waiting for mine, but at least I’ve got Darktide and Ready or Not to keep me entertained in the meantime.

This is the only way to flag your account as being unjustly banned — and you’re not the only one. I’m more than a little miffed on this one, as it’s the first time I’ve been banned from any game out of nowhere. At least for now, you know how to appeal a ban in The Finals. Hopefully, we’ll be rid of error TLFA004 yet. Check out more of our guides on The Finals here on GameSkinny.

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