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How to Avoid Black Death and Plague in Crusader Kings 3

Find out how to avoid Black Death in Ck3 Legends of Death here.

Crusader Kings 3 is a complex strategy game that brings plenty of interesting historical aspects to play, including a fair share of death and disease. The new Legends of Death expansion introduces Black Death to the game, adding it to the roster of others like the Bubonic Plague. Find out how to avoid and stop the Black Death and the Plague in CK3 here.

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How to Deal with Black Death and Plague in Crusader Kings 3

In general, the best way to avoid the Black Death and Plague is by investing in Hospices and Burial Sites, entering Seclusion, and hiring a qualified Physician. Historically speaking, the Black Death and Bubonic Plague wreaked havoc on Europe. Among the most fatal pandemics ever seen in history, they’re sure to give you some trouble in Crusader Kings 3. The odds are that you’ll be fighting off some type of disease within a few years of gameplay.

Build Hospices and Burial Sites

With the new expansion Legends of the Dead, you can build Hospices and Burial Sites. Once you develop your pilgrims’ quarters, you’ll unlock the ability to construct a Hospice. When you build a Hospice, you’ll gain Plague Resistance and some Piety and Gold, too. 

Burial Sites, however, are Duchy Buildings, so they’re better than Hospices but will come at a greater expense in resources. Plus, you’ll have to be careful with how many Duchy buildings you place, or you’ll receive in-game penalties. Nevertheless, the added benefits of Control, Legitimacy, Legend Spread Chance, Piety, and Court Grandeur, may be worthwhile.

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Isolate and Enter Seclusion

What better way to avoid plague and disease than by avoiding exposure, to begin with? You can enter seclusion for five in-game years, where you’ll have a minor chance of infection. Notably, any ruler who goes into seclusion is bound to miss out on some crucial duties, so you’ll lose some character stats along the way. You’ll lose two stats for every category other than Diplomacy, which will drop three points. 

Alternatively, you can isolate the capital, which basically quarantines your people. This greatly increases your odds of resisting a plague, but you’ll lose Control at a cost. So, there’s not really a way to avoid consequences when it comes to secluding yourself. Of course, if someone in your court gets infected, you can choose to dismiss them and hope for the best.

Assign a Physician to Withstand Plagues

Assigning a Physician to withstand plagues is a great way to avoid a serious spread of disease. Once you’ve appointed a Court Physician, you can select it to Control Plagues specifically. This will activate an increase in Plague Resistance, so it’s crucial to select it for this reason. Of course, the higher the stats your Physician has, the more likely you’ll resist disease. 

You can also develop the Whole of Body Lifestyle Tree as you progress through years in-game. This skill tree is not new to the game but still stands the test of time. You can focus on Medicine and Anatomical Studies, improving your odds of developing a strong resistance.

That’s how to avoid the Black Death and the Plague in Crusader Kings 3. Stay tuned with us for more on the exciting new DLC. In the meantime, make sure to check our Crusader Kings 3 guides page for more tips, tricks, and strategies, like how to fabricate a claim and make more money.

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