Here are some tips and tricks for beating Akuma in the special chapter of Tekken 7's story mode.

How to Beat Akuma in Tekken 7

Here are some tips and tricks for beating Akuma in the special chapter of Tekken 7's story mode.

The special chapter of the Tekken 7‘s story mode involves a guest character from the Street Fighter universe — Akuma. You can fight him after you finish the main story as Devil Kazuya. This can be an easy fight if you choose low difficulty, but if you’re trying to beat the game on max difficulty, then it’s going to be really tricky.

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Follow this guide if you want to know how to beat Akuma, what strategy works the best against him, and what kinds of moves you should know about.

Beating Akuma on the Highest Difficulty in Tekken 7

Step 1: Keep Your Distance

As soon as the fight begins, Akuma will shoot fireballs at you. Sidestepping works great in this case, which also lets you keep a healthy distance from Akuma. If you try to attack him, he will just parry and block everything and punish you with his heavy-hitting combos.

Try to stay away from Akuma and use your Air Laser (up-forward + left punch + right punch) whenever Akuma halts to charge up his energy.

Step 2: Sidestep and Attack

When sidestepping, you can start getting closer to Akuma. When he uses all of his energy on fireballs, attack with your Hell Lancer combo (forward-neutral + down-forward + left kick).

But don’t get too close, as Akuma has the ability to teleport. If you do get too close, he will appear behind you and punish you with his powerful blows.

Step 3: Use Teleportation Against Akuma

If you do nothing, Akuma will try to teleport in front of you. Now, if your timing is correct, you will be able to execute the Wind God Fist combo (forward-neutral + down-forward + left kick) right at the moment he reappears.

This will completely disrupt his own combo and let you deal some serious amounts of damage. You can repeat this as often as you like.

Step 4: Use Kazuya’s Rage Art

If you’re able to dodge all of Akuma’s fireballs and hit him with your Air Laser and other combos at the right moments, then you will leave him with no other choice but to use his Rage Art.

The only way to disrupt Akuma’s Rage Art and finish him off is to execute your own Rage Art (down-forward + left punch + right punch).

This should be enough to defeat Akuma on the Tekken 7‘s highest difficulty level. If you’re in need of other Tekken 7 guides, then take a look here:

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