How to Beat Candy Crush: Levels 1-20

A guide to completing Candy Crush levels 1-20.

I’ve been playing Candy Crush for awhile now, and I know how frustrating it can be to run out of lives in the game and have to wait 25 minutes for a new one to generate. To help you get through the game more quickly (and hopefully save you some loss of life), I figured I’d write a level by level guide to help you get through the game as easily as possible.

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This is the first installment of my Candy Crush guide. It covers levels 1-20 (I plan on taking this up to at least level 100 over time). Yes, these are very basic levels, but some of them can be tricky for people who are just learning how the game works. I hope that you find it helpful.

Level 1

Objective: Get 1,980 points

Moves: 6

At the risk of sounding like a jerk, if you’re struggling with the first level of Candy Crush, there probably isn’t much hope for you. In fact, I’m not even sure that it’s *possible* to fail this level — you should be well over 1,980 points by the time you make your six moves.

Level 2

Objective: Get 5,760 points

Moves: 15

This is another very simple level that you really shouldn’t struggle with. By the time you make your 15 moves, you should be well over the 5,760 points. If you do find yourself struggling, try to make combinations of four candies or more and blow out entire lines for maximum points.

Level 3

Objective: 9,940 points

Moves: 18

This is another straightforward level designed to help you get familiar with the basics of the game. You should have no problem achieving the points objective, but if you do, focus on building larger combinations of candies (4 or 5). That will help you clear out more candies, which will in turn give you more points.

Level 4

Objective: 19180 points

Moves: 15

While the score objective on this level might seem a little bit high for the number of moves you have, the board here is very wide. This means that you will have lots of opportunities to match four or five candies, which is crucial when it comes to getting more points in your game.

Level 5

Objective: 8000

Moves: 20

This is the most complicated board you have seen so far, but once you learn how the candies fall, it should be pretty straightforward and easy to plan for. The score objective is fairly low for 20 moves, but if you run into trouble, try to match more candies for maximum points.

Level 6

Objective: 36,300 points (and remove the jellies)

Moves: 16

Level six is your introduction to jellies (the transparent and shiny goo that surrounds some candies). To remove the jelly, you have to make the jellied candies part of a combo. You can also clear jelly by using a special candy, if the subsequent explosion happens to blow through them.

Note: If you meet the score objective but do not clear the jellies, you will fail the level. Your first priority should be clearing jellies. Once they are taken care of, start focusing on your score.

Level 7

Objective: 151,800 points

Moves: 20

Here is another jelly level. In some ways this one is more complicated (there are more jellies), but in other ways it’s easier (you have more room on the board, which means it’s easier to make combinations of 4 or 5 candies, which can clear things out really quickly for you). Focus your moves around making larger combinations, and take any opportunities to clear out hard to clear jellies (generally the ones found in the corners).

Level 8

b>Objective: 66,300 points

Moves: 20

More jellies?! Well, you might as well get familiar with them now, because you will be seeing a lot of these guys in Candy Crush. There isn’t really a ‘trick’ to this level, but there are some sound strategies. As always, you want to clear a jelly whenever you can. Beyond that, always jump on an opportunity to clear the harder jellies (which are generally found at the top, bottom, or anywhere that the space surrounding them is restricted).

Level 9

Objective: 85,860 points

Moves: 25

This is not a difficult level as long as you focus on clearing the jellies that are hanging off the sides. Since they can only be cleared from one side, you may find yourself in a situation where you can’t easily get to them if you wait too long. Take any chances you have, and focus on moving other candies around to form the combinations you need.

Level 10

Objective: 130,380 points

Moves: 40

This is not a particularly hard level, but it is a little bit tricky. See that hole in the middle of the board? It might not look like much, but it’s amazing how much one little gap in the board can disrupt your game and make it harder to clear certain jellies. Each of your moves should be focused on either clearing a jelly or moving a candy into a more advantageous spot.

Level 11

Objective: Bring the fruit to the bottom

Moves: 50

This is the first level where you objective is to bring the fruit to the bottom. And seeing as it’s the first level of its type, this one is pretty easy. Your goal is to clear out the jellies below the apple, so it will eventually fall to the bottom of the board.

You shouldn’t have a hard time with this level, but if you do, try to move the apple over towards the middle whenever you can. Your moves will always be limited when the apple is at the side, and bringing it to the middle will give you a lot more options.

Level 12

Objective: Bring the fruit to the bottom

Moves: 35

This is a slightly more complicated version of the ‘bring the fruit to the bottom’ objective. here, you have three apples to bring down and one cherry. As a general rule, the most effective way to bring down the apples is to make combinations of 4 or 5 candies and use them to clear out the column. Make any moves you can that will drop the fruits down, and take advantage of any opportunities to make big combos.

Level 13

Objective: 37,520 points

Moves: 21

This is another level where you need to clear the jellies. While the concept is the same, this is the hardest board that you will have seen so far. It’s crooked, and contains a lot of holes. This can make jellies (particularly the ones in the middle and the ones surrounding holes) harder to clear. Take any chances you have to clear them, and jump all over any opportunities for combos.

Level 14

Objective: 129,300 points

Moves: 40

This is one of the trickier boards you’ll encounter in the first 20 levels. Again, your primary objective should be clearing all the jellies. Focus your efforts on the lower-left portion of the board, and the very middle of the board. These will be the hardest areas to clear, and the more quickly you do so the easier the level will be for you.

Level 15

Objective: Bring the fruit to the bottom.

Moves: 16

This is an interesting level. Your objective is to bring the fruit to the bottom, and the board looks like it would be very simple. However, with only three full rows of candy, it isn’t always easy to make moves that will drop the apples down. You have seven apples to drop and only 16 moves, so you need to make each move count.

Level 16

Objective: 244,400 points

Moves: 30

This is an interesting level, because it’s really two separate (yet connected) boards. You will likely end up with one board that you’re able to clear easily, and one where nothing much will match up for you. When possible, make the most the every opportunity you have to match up four or more candies. They will shoot across to the other board, which will help you clear your more troublesome board.

Level 17

Objective: Bring the fruit to the bottom

Moves: 19

This looks like a very simple board, it but it can be a little bit tricky. With only 19 moves and four cherries to bring down, you need to focus and make sure that each of your moves brings down a cherry at least one spot. If you don’t focus, you will quickly find yourself out of moves.

Level 18

Objective: 141,260 points

Moves: 16

This is one of the trickier levels of the first 20, largely because of the empty cross shape in the middle. Of course, the jellies are all surrounding the cross, making them a little more difficult to get to. With only 16 moves at your disposal and 20 jellies to clear, you really need to focus on clearing at least one jelly with every move, and taking any chances you have to make bigger combos.

Level 19

Objective: 210,000 points

Moves: 35

This level has a lot of jelly to clear, and it has a fairly odd shape. The hardest jellies to get at will be the ones in the left and right corners. Those moves should take precedence over every other. Focus your efforts there, and the rest should be pretty manageable.

Level 20

Objective: 45,000 points

Time: 1 minute

This is the first timed level you will encounter in Candy Crush. You have one minute to get 45,000 points, and you have an unlimited number of moves. This is not a level where you want to sit and think about your next move. Instead, you should always make your moves as quickly as possible, and look out for any large combos that you can make. Not only will they give you lots of points, you’ll also get a time bonus for using them.

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