How to Beat Candy Crush Soda Saga Level 13

How to find the bears on level 13 in Candy Crush Soda Saga.

How to find the bears on level 13 in Candy Crush Soda Saga.

Get just a few levels into Candy Crush Soda Saga and you will find out you’re not in Kansas anymore. The game’s difficulty is grueling and only gets harder as you progress.

The first real trouble most people run into in Candy Crush Soda Saga is level 13, and for good reason: It’s nearly impossible to beat this level if the initial candies are not colored in your favor.

Do keep in mind the candies you start with will be different each time you restart the level. If unlucky, you may have to try multiple times to get this pattern.

Every level has some patterns at the start that are better than others. This is the first level where it’s so obvious.

The trick to level 13

In this level you will always see a Wrapped Candy and a Color Bomb in the middle of the board. There are also normal candies singled out to the side and in the bottom half of the board.

The trick here is that the Wrapped Candy must be the same color as at least one of the singled out candies. Otherwise the chances of you beating this level are low.

You have to swap the Wrapped Candy and Color Bomb before you do anything else.

Here you can see the Wrapped Candy is yellow, and that there are two yellow candies singled out. Swapping the Wrapped Candy with the Color Bomb turns all yellow candies into yellow Wrapped Candies.

After swapping and letting the yellows explode, the board looks like this.

The red boxes outline the bears.

Again, remember: Yours will look and be different based on which singled out candies were the same color as the Wrapped Candy at the start of the level.

From here the level is easy. Make matches near the cupcakes to clear them out and keep an eye out for combos to make special candies. There are a lot of opportunities for large matches to make special candies in this level. Wrapped Candies are prefered over Striped Candies.

Remember you do not have to clear the cupcakes on the sides of the level because the bears are not there. Focus on the areas with the bears, and make any Wrapped Candies when you can.

Wrapped Candies are better for this one because the bears’ feet reach to the bottom of the board. Striped Candies can only do so much here.

Good luck, have fun, and I hope this helps!

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